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Gokaiger FanFic

edited January 2012 in Fanfics
this is my Doc-Luka shipper fanflic hope you like it :)

Doc was up early as normal to clean and make breakfast for the others but saw luka up.
"This is strange, luka is always one of the last ones awake; why is she up so early today?" Doc thought
"Good morning Doc" Luka said while, as always, elbowing Doc in the gut; but today not as hard
"Dont worry luka i'll make breakfast" Doc said knowing that luka would be impaitent waiting for food.
"No Doc today we are makeing breakfast for YOU" Luka said as Joe, Ahim, Gai and, Marvalous came out with plates of food
"Minna, this is for me?" Doc said in shock
"Yeah its your birthday silly" luka said as she pushed doc to a seat
" Miss Luka thought of it" Ahim said with her gentle voice
Joe, Gai and Marvalous nodded
" Thanks Luka thanks everyone" Doc said as he looked at all the food
Then slowly luka went over to doc and said "This is another birthday present" and kissed him...
as luka left the room she thought to herself " Doc is kind of cute...wait idid i just call him CUTE!!! i guess im going crazy."


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