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Power Rangers Mystic Force (Viewable Episodes)

edited September 2017 in General Discussion
Prepare for magic beyond belief... Power Ranger style.

About 2 decades ago, the forces of dark magic rose and tried to conquer both the magic world and the human world, but they were sealed in the Underworld by a powerful wizard. In present day (2006), an earthquake causes the gate to the underworld to crack, which allow the forces of dark magic to slip out and strike again. A sorceress named Udonna seeks out and finds five people from the human realm who are destined to battle the darkness. These five people learn to use magic and battle the forces of evil as the mystical Power Rangers Mystic Force.


1 Broken Spell I
2 Broken Spell II
3 Code Busters
4 Rock Solid
5 Whispering Voices
6 Legendary Catastros
7 Fire Heart
8 Stranger Within I
9 Stranger Within II
10 Petrified Xander
11 The Gatekeeper I
12 The Gatekeeper II
13 Scaredy Cat
14 Long Ago
15 Inner Strength
16 Soul Specter
17 Ranger Down
18 Dark Wish I
19 Dark Wish II
20 Dark Wish III
21 Koragg's Trial
22 Heir Apparent I
23 Heir Apparent II
24 The Light
25 The Hunter
26 Hard Heads
27 The Snow Prince
28 Light Source I
29 Light Source II
30 The Return
31 Mystic Fate I
32 Mystic Fate II

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