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Power Rangers Primal Rage

edited January 2012 in Fanfics
I belong to a site, and I have posted a new Power Rangers fic called Power Rangers Primal Rage, it features Kira Ford as the Blue Primal Ranger and it's the first Chapter of the Briggs Trilogy. Power Rangers Tidal Surge is Chapter Two and CyberNet is Chapter Three. I have everything planned and set to how I want everything to go. Here is the link to the episodes, as it's too long to post here.


  • @HarlenSama, I find it funny that we met on youtube and both use PRP's site and forum, Now I find we both use rangerboard. I like the concept... I shall give it a read once my exams are over
  • Ha, yeah, it is funny. I'm working on Chapter three now, I'm really excited about it, going to get into more of the backstory then too. Thanks for reading! :D
  • Episode three has been posted. Check out my Youtube channel for readings of the story!
  • Thanks, I'm working on Episode 4 now
  • For all those who care, Episode 4 is posted on the thread, haha, Loving this series! Starting in Episode 4, you see a seemingly awkward love triangle being formed between Alex, Sarah and Seth. You see, I won't give any spoilers, but nothing will end up like it seems right now.
  • Though I doubt anyone cares, ha, episode 5 is up.
  • Oh yeah, things will change big time in Episode 6, keep an eye out for it!
  • @HarlenSama dude you work quick... i've not touched my laptop for a few days since I read episodes 1 and 2 and now your at episode 6.... must go read
  • Ha, yeah, I'm working on Episode 6 right as we speak, I'm also posting pictures of the ranger forms on the thread here soon too.
  • Pictures posted. Ha, three are what I found from google, the rangers though I had drawn for me.:D
  • Episode 6 is done, I am doing these like wild fire man! With me doing one to two episodes a night, I will be done this series in no time! I'm really enjoying writing this, I will enjoy Tidal Surge alot too, mostly because I have all the details of what I want for EVERY episode of that written down.
  • I saw the pictures, I liked them .... now I must go read episode 6
  • Episode 7 is up, I'm glad you liked the pictures.
  • Episode 8 is done, things are going south for the team.
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