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Stop the SOPA and PIPA bills

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The government of the United States of America is trying to stop the online piracy of anything that is copyrighted. A friend of mine told me about this matter this morning. and are the sources that my friend told me about regarding the issue of online piracy and its prevention.


  • I heard about those a while ago... I could have sworn the bill was dismissed cause there wasnt enough support of something..
  • it wont happen dont worry sh*t like this has been going on for a while and it never happeneds
  • Here is the petition link for preventing it from happening at all.
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    Even if it does pass, the person that created the bill is in violation of it anyway, so his own site would be blocked.

    Now, I'm not saying it will pass. I just find it ironic that the person that brought up the bill is in violation of it. Besides, the people that are trying to pass the bill are the ones that have no idea how to even use the internet in the first place. At least in my opinion. They don't realize that it would destroy the internet and society in general. (Maybe that's a little bit of an exaggeration but still).
  • No one really knows if the bills are gonna be passed or what, but there is a petition going around that will try to prevent the bills from being passed. One of the bills was started by a Republican in Texas.
  • They probably thought having the internet around was a bad idea and it's making life as they know it worse than ever.
  • It's not worse, it's better
  • Well they sure seem to disagree with that, and so do the movie and game companies as well.
  • Honestly it's not something I give much thought. I doubt it'll pass and I don't download stuff anyways. Maybe episodes from this site, but only because I know of no other way to watch Power Rangers! There's no way I'd get netflix just to watch one show!
  • I as just informed that the government has done enough protesting against the public to make it possible for the SOPA/PIPA bills to passed in 3.5 days. The public needs to do enough protesting to tip the balance in favor of keeping the internet the way it is currently.
  • The SOPA and PIPA bills have been dropped
  • @ Nightmere10, where is your proof that the bills have been dropped? The proof that I have disputing your comment is on C-Span, which is a cable television channel.
  • @zeo its fact thats its been dropped
  • @sarwwa Where is the proof at?
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