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What Happened to the Zeo Crystal?

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I've asked about this in another discussion, but that wasn't the place to talk about it. In my world, the Zeo Crystal was lost beneath the ruins of the Power Chamber.

Now, I don't know if that's the case or not.

I do know that the Zeo Crystal was getting too powerful, but what I don't get is where it went. They just switched from Zeo to Turbo without any explaination, they needed the keys to get to Miranthias, I get that, but maybe Turbo should of been a one shot Ranger Series. I also get that they were using Carranger footage too, but they didn't give Zeo a proper end like they did with MMPR


  • Indeed. I do wonder where the Zeo Crystal went to as well. We know nothing happened to it because it's not that easy to destroy.

    We can assume the powers were retired in Turbo because they needed the Keys to cross over through the Nemesis Triangle. Perhaps Zordon felt it was best to keep the Turbo powers around in case Divatox found a way to return and also found a way to get another more powerful villain.

    For all we know the Crystal is still around, just dormant under the ruins of the Chamber but still becoming more powerful.
  • My brother gave me an awesome idea for a fic, instead of the Zeo Crystal being found to make new good powers, since it's getting too powerful for a HUMAN to control, let the main villians find it and use it as a source for their evil.
  • That'd be a good idea but I'm not even sure villains can even use the Zeo Crystal since it is likely the reason why Goldar dropped it and it is likely what gave him and Rito amnesia.
  • Well, these villians figure out a way to empower themselves with the crystal, they are human looking villians and some of them become rangers.
  • i also found the ending for Power Rangers Zeo quit dissapointing! i thought i was the only one. it was a great season though none the less & i loved turbo. but yeah i always wondered what happened to the Zeo Powers. But if you watch Forever Red Tommy Still has his Red Zeo Crystal!
  • Yes, Forever Red had many powers it shouldn't of had lol. I think the Zeo Powers could still be recalled on, maybe seperate the crystals even further, add more rangers, like a purple, orange, white, black, silver to add to the gold, you know, split the Zeo Crystal into five more crystals and have 10 rangers! It's what I think could happen, since it's getting so much more powerful.
  • But, if you split the zeo crystal even further, would you be able to make more rangers, or would that ultimately be splitting the power it had already created? Like, would it lessen the other rangers' powers and make 'em weaker than normal?
  • Jason never gave up his power coin. only a power transfer so its very likely his power coin still had some use because it was technically never destroyed! And TJ probably got his turbo powers the same way Justin got his in the "In Space" episode. And it was never stated that the Zeo Crystal was destroyed so its more than likely Tommy Still had his Zeo Crystal.
  • Yeah, but the Zeo powers are getting more powerful as the series went on, so theoretically, if the crystal was twice as powerful as when the series started, that would make the Zeo powers for the 5 new rangers the same as if they had the five subcrystals. That's how I'd see it.
  • I still would like to know how Trey got his Zeo Subcrystal i thought the Zeo Crystal was only broken up into 5 not 6?
  • Hell, I'd rather there were 7 pieces of the zeo crystal so Billy could still be a ranger. But, I did think it was good for his character to be tech advisor
  • yeah! I was so pissed when they didn't let Billy be the Gold Ranger! It woulda been awesome!
  • Indeed, the Zeo ending was definitely disappointing.

    Harlen, I don't know what you're talking about in regards to Forever Red having many powers it shouldn't have had. The Dino Powers were the only ones that needed an explanation. The Turbo powers were NEVER destroyed. and none of the other powers were ever destroyed either. Just the Ninja Coins had been destroyed. The Dino Coins were just damaged.

    Dubby, it was never stated Trey had a Zeo Crystal. They only said his powers were identical to the same source that the Crystal uses. Doesn't mean they both have Crystals. It just means Trey has an item that draws from the same grid source.
  • the turbo powers were destroyed when the power chamber was destroyed. only the red & blue remained because Storm blaster & lighting cruises kept spares for Red & Blue.
  • That's just an assumption. For all we know, the other Rangers had their morphers in their cars as well, we just haven't seen it on screen because they haven't been in anything else
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