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Most Disappointing Power Rangers Season So Far

edited December 2011 in General Discussion
For me it has to be operation overdrive, I dunno it just wasn't there for me. It used to be RPM but I went back and rewatched the season and now I like it


  • Operation Overdrive and RPM the most. There are others on this list two but those are the main two I don't like. It just...had something missing for me and I was really bored while watching the episodes, wondering how many more i had to see until the season was over.

    Now, i know i wasn't being forced to watching the episodes, but i do watch every season all the way through. I only liked Operation Overdrive's episode Once a Ranger and in RPM the Dylan/Tenaya story line was cool, but it didn't help drive the plot.
  • Yh i agree that the only good episodes from overdrive were the once a ranger episodes.

    Im like you with watching a season all the way through, thats the only reason I changed my mind about RPM. When it first aired I gave up watching it after the first 6 episodes but about a month ago I rewatched the entire season out of bordem and I found that I liked it a lot more than I did the first time.
  • I loved RPM. To me it was almost as good as Zeo. Only thing that disappointed me with it was the final episode.

    Now Overdrive used to be the most disappointing to me. However that was before Samurai. It is just aweful. everything about it screams lazyness. We got a story that copies the Super Sentai but in a bad way. Bulk has pretty much been completely ruined. Both him and Spike seem about pointless to even have there. The acting is horrible. Worse then usual. Even the voice acting for the Villains is bad. At least in Operation Overdrive I could say I liked the villains. Can't say that here. The rangers themselves I wish would just die in some horrible way. Jaden is a really bad copy of Takeru. But the most tolerable of the bunch. Antonio I hate with a passion. He is a horrible copy of Genta. The intro itself makes me want to scream. It is a horrible remix of the Power Rangers theme. 1. A remix itself is just lazy. 2. If you going to do one at least make it sound pretty good. Such as the Zeo remix of it. I also hate the use of Symbol power. The name itself is bad. I understand not calling it Mojikara. However why not call it what it is. Using their Chi. The Symbol's themselves are pretty much a manifestation of that Chi focused to create the effects we see when they are used. As for the Sanzu River being in the spirit world. There is no need for that. Just say it exist in another dimension. We got enough spirit world crap in Power Rangers as is. We saw it used in 2 different names in 2 different series. Lightspeed it was the Shadow World. In Ninja Storm it was the Abyss of Evil. At least those 2 places seemed to somehow link to one another. With this series we don't go that and we won't get it. This isn't some place for the dead villains come to when they die. It exist in another dimension where only the Nighloks can live. Though it is possible for evil machine based monsters to survive in there. How do I know that? Just watch the Go-Onger Shinkenger VS special. lol. That said though, Shinkenger might have been the reason or Saban calling it that in the first place. If I recall in the teamup it was mentioned that like 2 or 3 of the villains were on the bottom of the senzu river when they were found and drug up. It was mentioned. Been a while since I watched it. When it comes to Power Rangers though, I don't think it is a good idea to have this be the case since we already got a good villain afterlife place established. Besides that with Shinkenger could possibly only occur in the VS universe. Outside it, all the dead might not go there. After all wouldn't it then make it pointless to be defeating Gedoushu if they will just reappear in the Senzu River. lol
  • Well, the bad acting is for three reasons: the first being that they're NEW ACTORS and for a lot of the "Ranger actors" it's their first acting job so they haven't really found their groove. And the second being the actors are being directed to act they way they are. And the final being it's the way the show is written. That's why a lot of people don't like it.

    I like Samurai because it feels a lot like MMPR and it takes me back. But, what i hate the most about Samurai is how it's pretty much a simple copy of Shinkenger, but with little original points
  • Im don't hate samurai because the full season hasn't aired yet, and I made the mistake previously of not watching the entire season through before making a judgement with RpM, and it turns out that I kinda like RPM. So yh, I'm giving it a chance, though I do really like it so far, with the exception of the halloween special.
  • The Halloween special was not needed and the show flows a lot better with the origins episodes watched first. But, what i find so funny (not really) is how they're acting was better in the origins (in my opinion) then the episodes after that
  • I know right, the season could have done without the halloween episode, and if they had shown the origins episodes first then it would have made more sense to people, cause the first time you see the samurai rangers is when they are training and they already have their powers.
  • Well, that's not the first PR season (at least i don't think it is) that starts out with them already having their powers. I just think it was poor planning on Nick's part. It was supposed to have aired in September, and then it kept being pushed back. Once I saw the opening of the first episode with the power symbol, it made way more sense when Mike finally completed it in The Team Unites
  • See cause I live in England, I never followed it on TV, so thats whay probably confused me more than anything, I saw one advert for it like about 2 weeks before it was supposed to air here, but I'd started to follow it online.

    Well I suppose you could count space because Andros had his powers, Time Force because Alex had his powers, S.P.D cause Syd, Sky and Chip had their powers, aswell as the A-Squad and Mystic force cause Udonna had her powers.

    Thought with these seasons they had other rangers that got their powers at the very beginning of the season, so I wasn't really confused by it.
  • No, I meant, the first season where the WHOLE TEAM had the powers at first
  • Ohh I see, well then you can disregard that comment entirely.
  • No, no, it's ok. I was just saying what I meant. But, you do have a good point
  • why thankyou and I dont know if they count but the Alien Rangers all had their powers before they showed up so yh.
  • Yeah....that's true. I forgot about that.
  • but they were only there for like 6 or 7 episodes, so I dont really know if they count. As a kid, I just took it at face value that they were from another planet, simple as.
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