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Most Disappointing Power Rangers Season So Far



  • For me it has to be operation overdrive, I dunno it just wasn't there for me. It used to be RPM but I went back and rewatched the season and now I like it
    I agree about Operation Overdrive... Something just seemed missing... When I first Lightspeed Rescue, it bugged me when the Rangers would just morph in public, and not try to keep their identities secret...
    i so agree that season is when i left pr until samuari

  • i cant stand jungle fury for the reason of too many changes. Long's character was split into two different characters. the five venom ken name change to the five fingers of poison doesnt bother me too much but the names of the five just no. Sorisa=Stingerella? Maga= Toady? really Toady?! other name changes that bug me are the kenma into the overlords.
  • Ninja Storm was kind of bitter pill to swallow, took me years to warm up to that one... Jungle Fury had some great moments so it didn't bother me as much because I didn't really watch the Sentai till later on but, after seeing it yeah, it was pretty screwed up!

    I'm actually a big fan of both Boukenger and Operation Overdrive...sometimes it seems like I'm the only one willing to admit that.
  • I stopped watching for a long time so I have to say turbo in my opinion
  • Ha Turbo was cheesy as hell but that's because it was based off a parody. I remember when they were being baked in a pizza and couldn't stop laughing from how stupid it was.
  • I'm not really feeling WIld Force so far. I like the suits and the zords (once it's together and no more crap CGI) but that's about it. However, since I'm only about 10 episodes in I can't really make that call. Judging on only the season's I've completed I'd have to say Lightspeed. It was just so bland to me. Nothing really stands out all that much. I guess I did like the Ryan storyline but he was an extremely underused character. My guess is though that Wild Force will soon takeover this spot.
  • edited January 2012
    Mainly i did not like Operation Overdrive. the actors were annoying, Dax was the worst amongst the team. Will was a cocky douche. rose was a i think i know everything its physically impossible for me to be wrong kinda person, Ronny....dont even get me started on how annoying i thought she was! I think the only cool one was Tyzon. I didnt care for Mack either because he was a whiny b**** who didnt get what he wanted! personally i thought the only good thing about Operation Overdrive was the "Once A Ranger" mini series!
    Also didn't really care for Samurai to much, it was a lot better than OO but i still felt it could use some work basically because they took the easy way out & just copied & pasted from Shinkenger lol
  • mine has to be wild force after saban sold to disney i quit my cuzin liked dinothunder but i only liked it cause tommy was in it but the story was good also my favs are mmpr - in space
  • i liked a lot of the disney seasons. Ninja Storm was good, Dino thunder was good, SPD was good, Mystic Force was good, Jungly Fury was alright, and RPM was hilariously awesome
  • i think the worst season is turbo. i dont know why but i find it very boring
  • The second half of Turbo was very annoying to me. Sure, it was partly because the original cast left, but I felt like every episode was just a filler episode and i couldn't get into it.
  • OO is the only season so far that I have actually disliked. All the other seasons, including Samurai, vary in terms of where they place on my favourites list, but I at least enjoyed them and got entertainment out of watching them. OO was the first and, so far, only time that I have disliked a season and have counted down the episodes until the end.
  • personnally, i like oo. It had a interesting story plot to it and i love the battliser! My favourite season was either wild force, mystic force or jungle fury. can't stand rpm as it started off strong but got boring to me and sorry but samurai annoys on how bad the acting is and unenthuasistic the actor! especially hate the master Ji as i feel he is a sarcastic prick!:)
  • but do hope the acting improves as not seen the super samurai as can't find the site to stream it? also do anyone know where i can stream goseiger and gokaiger as the link for supersentai planet are broken?
  • Bah, OO really annoyed me. The villains were moronic and spent more time fighting amongst themselves than fighting the rangers or, you know, attacking the planet. That and the rangers themselves were either annoying little angsty boys like Mack (am I a real boy? 8-| ) and the mercury guy, or flat out dicks like the black ranger (although it did amuse me that a surprising amount of his gear had pink colouring to them).

    As for RPM, while I don't praise it as the messiah like many people seem to do, it was a very good season and a highly impressive feat that they pulled it off so well with Go-Onger being pretty much its complete polar opposite when it comes to tone.

    With streaming, I can't help you there. I download rather than stream, so I wouldn't know where to do so.
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