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Most Disappointing Power Rangers Season So Far



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    Bah, OO really annoyed me. The villains were moronic and spent more time fighting amongst themselves than fighting the rangers or, you know, attacking the planet. That and the rangers themselves were either annoying little angsty boys like Mack (am I a real boy? 8-| ) and the mercury guy, or flat out dicks like the black ranger (although it did amuse me that a surprising amount of his gear had pink colouring to them).

    As for RPM, while I don't praise it as the messiah like many people seem to do, it was a very good season and a highly impressive feat that they pulled it off so well with Go-Onger being pretty much its complete polar opposite when it comes to tone.

    With streaming, I can't help you there. I download rather than stream, so I wouldn't know where to do so.
    I do agree with you about the two villain brothers always fighting against each other and the whole Mack always trying to win the approval of his "dad", but still think it was a good season.

    as for rpm, it did have some good points like dillin and his sister storyline and especially liked the cliff hanger at the end, when scott's morpher turn red like venjix's eye.
  • i haven't been able to see any of super samurai. But i agree about PROO. The bad guys mostly fought amongst them selves, and the comic relief ranger, Dax was annoying. he wasn't even funny, his jokes were predictable. and WIll was a bit of a punk, and Mack was a whiny b**** who complained whenever he didn't get what he wanted. i think Rose was about the only Operation Overdrive ranger i really liked. I didn't my Tyzon too much. he got annoying in some of the episodes though.
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    This is my own opinion on the matter. In the past, I was disappointed with Power Rangers because Divatox just didn't impress me as a villain, the first half of the season was so covered in detonator plots, Dimetria and Alpha 6 were not interesting characters to me, having Bulk and Skull as monkey seems unnecessary.
    Of course, I plan to go back through Power Rangers again before comparing it to the season I currently find to be most disappointing: Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai.
    Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai copied Super Sentai Shinkenger so much. It didn't feel like Power Rangers to me. Felt like a completely different show. All the Rangers, except Yellow and Gold were dull to me. There was no reason for Bulk and Spike to be there. They were so out of place and there was something missing that was there when Bulk was there with Skull decades ago. The villains weren't so great. Xandred acted more like he should be a warrior who follows than a leader. He pretty much just kept on yelling "do something" while his minions did all the planning and kept letting his anger get the best of him. Deker was a more interesting bad guy, but I honestly couldn't see him as a villain. His personality was ok, but he was more like this guy that just pops up every now and again trying to get into a fight with Red Ranger. For a few episodes he acts something like a villain when taunting Red Ranger. Suddenly in his last two episodes he acts like a psychotic villain. Serrator was a step up, but was still missing something, not sure what, other than a better debut. Something about Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai felt depressing to me. Getting through each episode was such a dull experience. One of the things that still annoys me is that the fact that Samurai Rangers were around for centuries (probably 300 years) contradicts the information that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were Earth's first team of Power Rangers.
    No other season ever let me down. Megaforce/Super Megaforce had a number of holes that needed work and a few messes, but it was tolerable.
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