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Power Rangers Megaforce: Official Discussion



  • More info:

    -Power Rangers 20th anniversary will start in January. (Note: This is NOT a season, but a campaign to celebrate the 20th anniversary)

    -Power Rangers official website will have a whole new make over for the new season

    -A microsite will be created as well. The site will be updated frequently with new content and information. Super Fans will have a major role in this process. There will be a series of surprises and giveaways.

    -Power Rangers Megaforce will be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

    -Both Megaforce seasons will be 20 episodes with 2 holiday specials (no word on whether or not they're going to have a movie special like Clash, but I bet they will)

    More coming soon. (Credit goes to Fury Diamond).
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    Last update from RangerCrew:
    "You may be wondering why Power Rangers Megaforce used Goseiger rather than Gokaiger, which was an ideal season based on the successful execution of the anniversary concepts. I wasn’t able to get a solid answer for this question. They believed that Gokaiger’s pirate theme was more focused for boys (rather than boys and girls) and the concepts of stealing and plundering were too hardcore for a young audience. I love everything about Gokaiger, especially the suits. This was the one question that felt uneasy to me."
    However, we WILL be seeing Legend War anyway, either as a movie like Clash or a two parter in the second season.
    Here’s the interesting part: Power Rangers Megaforce will not be like the Sentai. We’ve heard this before in the past and wonder how is it different now. Power Rangers Megaforce will have an original story that is centered on five high-school teenagers. The concept sounds familar to the first season (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). The show will still use the traditional Sentai footage, but the story will be completely new and original. Megaforce will actually surprise fans. RoboKnight (placeholder name) will appear fairly early in the season. I personally think that they need to change the Goseiger names that were in the press release, but it may be possible that those are placeholders for marketing. Power Rangers Megaforce will be the anniversary season and will live up to that concept.
    You can get more in depth look at the news I've shared today, at thier blog
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    @NightMere10 So basically they are going to do the same thing they did with Gingaman/PRLG?
    In Gingaman 5 warriors were chosen by giant creatures to fight pirates and defend the Earth. In PRLG, 5 people pull 5 magic swords out of a stone and become Power Rangers and must fight against an evil race of insects and other evil beings with the help of 5 giant beast they rescued. They must stop the bad guys from taking over a flying space station/city known as Terra Venture as it searches the galaxy for a new planet to inhabit.
    I agree that the Pirates theme would not work. The Power Rangers are people who defend the Earth from evil, not steal loot and yell "Argh Matey". The Pirates would have destroyed the name "Power Rangers". I bet Goseiger is gonna rock
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    Did you read any of the actual full article? You could easily change the pirate thing of Gokaiger with the stealing to something else, like how they changed Gingaman to Lost Galaxy. (Btw, I didn't need the full synopsis of what LG is). Saying 'I agree that the Pirates theme would not work. The Power Rangers are people who defend the Earth from evil, not steal loot and yell "Argh Matey" is a lame excuse as well as a not really thought out one. Saban Brands could easily showcase their creativity (which the fans want) by changing it. But, it's also because Saban wanted to do Gokaiger first, but Toei told them that they weren't allowed to skip a Sentai, so Goseiger is first.

    PS: I don't know exactly what Saban Brands is doing and I wasn't the one getting the information, RangerCrew is. You're asking me questions as if I'm a mole for Saban Brands or something.
  • What i would like to see is a not so perfect ranger, who has no special abilities and isn't such a goody too shoes but can still save the earth and learn lessons in the end. I myself get tired of most rangers being a Perfect person. That's why i liked Wesley Collins as red Time Force Ranger. He was a wild guy with very little passion on anything until he started learning his lesson half way through the season and truly became the Red Ranger. They should something similar with this season, I'm tired of Goody Too Shoes and Bulk and Skull would put it. haha
  • I can't to see what Power Rangers Megaforce will have in store for us. Let's hope it will be as good as the Saban Era Power Rangers
  • let's hope powers rangers megaforce will do for goseiger, what kamen rider dragon knight did for kamen rider ryuki
  • I think they should stick with the original plot but also make it original to power rangers. I don't know if i would like a change seeing how i watched most of Goseiger.
  • @Dubby That is exactly what I was thinking
  • Yup :) we can only wait and see what they do though.
  • Let's hope there won't be a scene in Power Rangers that looks like the one in this video. That was both exciting and sad.
  • i dont knw why but it seems like the power rangers seasons and finales (saban era - mmpr-wild force) the scenes look dark the scenes fights were epic, story lines, etc a and now theres just too much japan scenes not much originals... just seems copy and paste
  • Probably because Saban is getting old/lazy. lol
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    lol You might be right because when i watch those season n then i watch the ons After those they feel so differnt i cant really explain it... the vibe thats why those seasons were the bests
  • I agree with iFresh
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