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A Funny Podcast

edited August 2012 in Off Topic
Hey guys, i wanted to invite everyone to check out and listen to the podcast on the site. The show covers all things geeky and we are hoping to get the big 40 disc power ranger box set it and review it in the future. Can't WAIT!! :) It's going to be an awesome collection. Also, if you want you can head over to our facebook page ( and check out our collection of power rangers toys (along with other toys lol).

What is everyone more interested in? The season 1-3 set or the big MMPR-PRLG set?


  • mmhmm... doesn't this site frown upon spam? -_-
  • I don't mind if people promote their own site, doesn't bother me. At least he's on topic, and not just trying to sell something.
  • True, i guess i just naturally assumed because most forums i go to frown upon that.
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