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  • I got the set in late August and I've been pretty happy with it. The boxes are really nice and it comes with a couple of neat booklets with character profiles, episode summaries and the like - though the character bios have spoilers in them (and it has bios for characters that aren't introduced until later in the seasons), so it's best not to read them unless you've already seen the seasons they refer to.

    The special features are pretty nice, although on the second box (Seasons 4-7), it's a bit disappointing how most of the features still focus on Mighty Morphin. The only later-season cast member brought in I really remember is Cerina Vincent (Reggie Rolle might have been there too, it's been a while since I watched it). No one from the Turbo 2/In Space cast was present, which was a bummer.

    The video quality is mixed but definitely better than we're used to. There hasn't been any actual restoration, so there's still print damage in places (especially in Japanese footage, mostly Zyuranger stuff) and the picture can sometimes seem soft and washed out (again, mostly in the Japanese stuff). One noticeable aspect of the DVD is that we can actually see the film grain now, but unfortunately the bit rate and limited resolution of standard definition DVD means it usually shows up as video noise - which can be quite heavy, especially in the earlier seasons and dark scenes (In Space is quite dark a lot of the time, leading to some very visible and occasionally distracting noise). Usually I'm against it, especially for HD video, but the episodes in this set really could have benefited from some judicial application of noise reduction.

    Also of note is that many episodes of Zeo have an odd ghosting effect near the edges of objects that creates a sort of translucent "halo" or "double image" around them. It varies in intensity and frequency, though, and isn't a huge problem. I've seen this in all the encodes of Zeo I've watched, so my guess is that it's an issue on the tape master; you'd need to go back to the original film (and redo all the special effects) or do a painstaking manual restoration to get rid of it, which is obviously way too expensive for this kind of set.

    As for the positives: this set is definitely a bit sharper than TV broadcast encodes or, as has been shown elsewhere with screenshot comparisons, the old German DVD sets (which suffered from terrible encoding). In a lot of the U.S. footage, especially for the later seasons, the colors really pop very well. And the bitrate is high enough that, outside of the grain/noise problem, there are very few noticeable compression artifacts - not much in the way of blockiness.

    It's also worth noting that the lack of a restoration means they didn't get the chance to screw it up, like the "reversioning" from 2010. I don't even mean the actual reversion effects stuff - the video remastering was a mess. It was smeary, oversaturated with artificially boosted colors, and turned cloudy skies into a flat cartoon blue (using a color fill tool that also dyed grey objects like the Megazord's legs blue). None of that wackiness is present here.

    Overall, I'd recommend it. It's been fun being able to revisit them all.
  • I got the 40 disc set. do youll want me to post episodes from the dvds :)
    I'd be honored to have the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy DVD-Rips.

  • it's a solid set to own. i have gone through the extras in particular and overall its a nice set to have, especially when i made all the discs before the set came out
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