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Sony or Microsoft?

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So here's the big question for all you gamers. Which system do you prefer?
The Sony ps3, or the Microsoft Xbox 360.
I my self am having a tough choice deciding, my personal choice is Sony but most of my friends play
the Xbox 360, but not a lot of them play anymore, so i've been mostly playing on the ps3. I really enjoy it.
But what are your guys thoughts? or am i the only gamer here. Lol


  • Sony all the way. Although the Xbox has a better selection of games, the PS3 is an entertainment system, whereas, I only see Xbox as a gaming console. PS3 is a lot more useful. I barely even use the PS3 to play games, mainly to watch shows/movies, but at least I know I have the option, if i wanted to.

    PS3 all the way!
  • @PowerRangerPlanet Sorry but I have to disagree. Although the PS3 is a better entertainment feature, free online service and it also allows you to watch bluray films, the Xbox offers a lot better online service, with more game selection, as well as a better hand free console, Kinect compared to the Move. Plus, you can also watch videos/shows on the Xbox through Netflix and Lovefilm.

    So in my opinion, xbox is better.
  • @Yanman10

    Sorry, But I have to counter that aswell.

    PS3 also has Netflix and Lovefilm, Free Online, and and ability to watch Bluray.
    Xbox, you have to pay for online, and it has an obsolete format, HD-DVD.

    Although the xbox does have a better online experience, in reference to server quality only. And a "better" hands-free system, the PS3 simply has more features.

    I know from experience. I started with Xbox, it was fine, used it often, but only to play games. There was no other reason for me to use it. When I decided to buy a PS3, I realized that the xbox had no use anymore, as the PS3 did much more, so it went into the depths of my closet, and the PS3 became the center of my entertainment unit. It also offered A wireless connection, which the xbox did not at the time, unless you bought that expensive adapter.

    And really, for the average gamer, they mainly play the big mainstream games anyway, which are usually offered on all consoles anyway. The only thing i'd consider the xbox to be better for, is the lag when it comes to online gaming, and even that, the ps3 isn't horrible.
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    I'm siding with PowerRangerPlanet on this one

    I used the xbox 360 first before the PS3 was out. and then I had to get a Ps3 because of what I heard about the bluray. And I was highly impressed, and last year or so they came out with the 3D bluray, which is need i say it, 3DICAL!

    Xbox was a good gaming system, but mainly I play the mainstream games too which are offered on both systems, and the ps3 has free online experience. And for a working man like me trying to save up money, the ps3 won me over with that right there.

    The only problem is, a majority of my friends play on the Xbox 360. But my personal preferences is the Ps3 and I still have a few friends that play on the ps3 so I am happy.

    Plus the PS3 has netflix and all those other streaming programs.

    Microsoft has been a lot down lately for me, I am always having to send in my xbox or buy a new one entirely. In the last 3 years, since I've gotten my ps3. I have not had to send it in or get it replaced, or get it fixed up. But my Xbox, I've had to send it 3 times, replace it entirely once, and bought the new elite slim.

    I am planning on getting the Ps3 Super slim 500 gb assassins creed 3 bundle the 30th as I have fallen in love with the PS3.

    Plus Sony has better customer service than Xbox support does.

    Plus god of war is better than gears of war and Uncharted is better than Halo. Lol
  • I really can't weigh in on this debate, except to say Wii! Seriously though, I think video games have just gotten too expensive for my tastes nowadays. I own a Wii, but I don't play it that often and only have a few games(both Zeldas, Wii Sports, Smash Brothers Brawl, and Super Mario Galaxy). I used to be a big PS fan, but that was mainly for the Final Fantasy series, which has gone sadly downhill of late.
  • I agree Deka, I only mainly play Call of Duty and Halo now days. So those are usually what my money go to. and battlefield, and yeah the rest of the games i play I usually have my parents get me for christmas. Lol
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