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Which is better jayden vs deker or troy vs creepox

i was watch power rangers the great duel early today i stated to wonder which duel i liked better jayden vs deker or troy vs creepox so i thought i would ask you Special thanks to PRThunder for the videos


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    @zeorangerboy here are some vids to help people answer your question.

    Power Rangers Samurai: Jayden vs Deker

    Power Rangers Megaforce: Troy vs Creepox

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    Samurai duel two much better then the first
  • I would say that Jayden vs Deker was better in US and Troy vs Creepox was better in Japan.
  • @zeoranger5 I totally agree with you. Troy's battle was too short for me
  • @Yanman10 Which version of Troy's battle are you talking about? Are you talking about the US version or the Japanese version of it?
  • @zeoranger5 the US one I meant. i felt it was a bit rushed and too short personally
  • I agree. The whole Megaforce season was rushed. Go to and look under Japanese drama. You will find the original footage for both Megaforce and Super Megaforce there.
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