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Power Rangers fanfic idea



  • Can you give more details about it?
  • Well I was thinking that somewhere in the final battle, the VR Ranger-Borg would appear through a portal to help the Power Rangers, Beetleborgs, and VR Troopers defeat the entity and the teamed-up villains. His identity would not be revealed. He would wear armor that resembles the Power Rangers, Beetleborgs, and VR Troopers.
    Like I said, it just came to me. There isn't really much detail.
  • @PRThunder, I was not able to start the fanfic yet. I will do my best to start it in between my classes this semester and on the weekends. I had a lot of personal stuff that came up during the break I had and some technology problems that I had to take care of. I also want to reupload all of my PR stuff and start on the other stuff that Saban produced when he was a good producer.
  • Since it has been a few years, I have thought of more ideas for my fanfic(s). The main fanfic will be an original Power Rangers storyline with the best rangers in the series. Some will be mentors while others will do their best to protect the identities of the original Power Ranger team I create. Although I am thinking of the older Power Rangers doing more than the mentor role or identity protection thing for the original Power Rangers. Maybe when the original team encounters a villain so strong that they need help from the older Power Rangers or something.
    My secondary fanfic will be an original Power Rangers legendary war fanfic involving all of the Rangers. It'll be similar to the super sentai version of the one on TV. Not sure about other details.
    The crossover fanfic will be based on the ideas mentioned above, but it will expand some romances in the shows and even start a couple new ones. In fact, I might pair Justin Stewart up with that kid he always hung out with or pair Shane up with the geek in Megaforce. Not sure yet on the new romances or how to expand the ones already in existence.
    I would gladly appreciate any help with the fanfics and questions about them as well. Anyone helping me will get the credit for at least their ideas and/or editing suggestions when the time comes. I kinda hope to get them published for people all over the world to read.
  • I have started the fanfic. If everyone wants to see how it's coming along, I would appreciate any comments asking for the fanfic. It's only in the beginning stages, but I will gladly post it on here. I would appreciate any constructive criticism when it's posted if people will read it.
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