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Power Rangers fanfic

edited September 2017 in Fanfics
The following is my fanfic so far. I'm not sure if I made the right decisions with the plot so far or if I need to add more details to certain parts. Any suggestions or questions are appreciated.

Justin Stewart was watching a football game on television when Nico called.
“Justin, do you want to hang out today?” asked Nico.
“You know that today’s the big football game of the season, Nico” Justin replied.
“Okay. I can come over and watch the game with you. What’s the score and who’s playing?” Nico responded.
“The Angel Grove Rangers are playing against the Reefside Dinosaurs. The score is 28-21, Rangers winning.” stated Justin.
“Cool. Hopefully we teach those dinosaurs a thing or two. I’ll be over at your place shortly.” commented Nico.
Justin remarked, “The Reefside Dinosaurs are tough to beat. They have Tommy Oliver as their star quarterback. The only way to distract him is to have Kimberly Hart at the game and I doubt that she will go to Reefside for a football game at all.”
Nico exclaimed, “I have a bad feeling about it. Ever since you told me that you are a power ranger, there’s been very little time for just the two of us and it doesn’t make things easier for anyone at all. You even told me about how Tommy is considered to be a legend amongst the Power Ranger family since he has been the Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, White Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, Red Zeo Power Ranger, and Red Turbo Power Ranger so far. In fact, I believe that you told me about how he started out as an evil Power Ranger and the other Power Rangers at the time broke whatever spell he was under. I think that things are about to get ugly if all of the Power Rangers were to get together for a Power Ranger reunion or something.”
Justin stated, “Nico, you know that it was approximately four years before I arrived in Angel Grove when Tommy was the evil Green Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the other Mighty Morphin Power Rangers destroyed the sword of darkness. Ever since then, Tommy has been on the side of good and defeated the various evil forces until he and the others had to stop being Power Rangers when I was at Angel Grove High School. In fact, Tommy became a paleontologist and then a high school teacher at Reefside High School where the DinoThunder Power Rangers fought against Mesogog and his evil dinosaur army last year. Now Tommy’s the coach of the football team for Reefside.”
After they finished talking on the phone, Nico arrived at Justin’s house to watch the rest of the Super Bowl game. While they were watching the game, Justin received a transmission on his laptop in his bedroom.
Blue Centurion broadcasted, “There’s trouble in the warehouse district and the other Turbo Rangers need your help, Justin. In fact, I don’t know how much longer they can last without help. I’m afraid that this is going to be an extremely huge battle for the universe. There are even reports that monsters from parallel universes are appearing all throughout our universe and we’ll need some new Power Rangers by the end of the battle. I believe that your good friend, Nico, would be an excellent Power Ranger. He hasn’t even revealed your secret identity to anyone and he really loves you.”
Justin said, “Nico, I have to go. Please let me know what the final score is when I get back. I have to go take care of a problem in the warehouse district.”
Nico replied, “I know. You have to go do your Ranger duties. Please don’t get hurt. You know how much I love you.”
Justin stated, “I’ll be fine. You worry too much. Besides that, you heard Blue Centurion. You might be a Power Ranger soon.”
So Justin went to the warehouse district and fought the piranhatrons before the monster showed up. As the Power Rangers were fighting the piranhatrons, a monster that looked like a combination of a baseball, basketball, football, and Godzilla appeared. Even though the monster was hideous, the Power Rangers were having a tough time with it. Soon it was time to call for backup. So Justin asked Blue Centurion to call the Big Bad Beetleborgs for help. Shortly afterwards, the Beetleborgs showed up and they were able to destroy the monster. While they were celebrating, Divatox had ordered Elgar to fire the enlargement torpedoes. The Power Rangers summoned the Rescue Turbo Zords while the Beetleborgs summoned the giant RoboBorg. It even got to the point that Blue Centurion joined the battle in his RoboRacer Megazord. While everyone was busy with the monster in Angel Grove, things were peaceful in Reefside.
The Super Bowl game was tied up at 35 points each with 10:20 left on the game clock. Tommy was about to tell his team to use a certain series of plays for the current drive when his DinoThunder communicator sounded. The quarterback heard the communicator and knew immediately what it meant. The Dinosaurs quarterback was Connor McKnight's 14 year old nephew and he had spent time with Connor when Connor’s DinoThunder communicator sounded. Connor’s nephew’s name was Andrew Badger.
Andrew said, “Tommy, go ahead and take care of the trouble. I’m familiar with the 4th quarter playbook that you want us to utilize now. Besides that, I think Kimberly might be at the site with her old crew and they might be calling you and your crew for help.”
Tommy replied, “Andrew, how do you know what that sound was?
Andrew responded, “Tommy, that’s not important right now. I’ll explain after the game and you take care of the monsters. Let’s just say that you know who my uncle is and he’s never been the same after that day in his high school days when he and two other people found certain rocks.”
Tommy stated, “ You’re right. I’ll be back soon.”
So Tommy found out from Haley what was going on and joined the other DinoThunder Power Rangers and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the Reefside park that was 2 miles from Reefside high school. When Tommy got to the scene, the other Power Rangers were struggling to find a weak point in the monster’s armor. In fact, the monster had the armor of an armadillo and the appearance of a humanoid pig. Even Tommy was stumped on how to pierce the armor since Haley had briefed him on the monster before he morphed into action.


  • It's an interesting take on how the Power Rangers turned out after their final battles.
    Tommy a football coach for Reefside High School, Conner McKnight's nephew, Nico potentially becoming a Power Ranger, the Beetleborgs joining in on the fight. Those are some interesting changes you made and details you added. I am noticing that this story doesn't stick with all of the continuity presented on the show, which does make it interesting.

    I'm wondering about some stuff though.
    1: So all this takes place during 2005 (which we don't see in the TV series)?
    2: How did Divatox, Elgar, and the Piranhatrons return?
    3: Why exactly did Tommy Oliver, of all people, use his Ranger communicator during a football game when his character is someone dedicated to the Power Rangers and has a rule about not using the communicator that way?
    4: Why would Tommy be distracted by Kimberly when his interest has been in Katherine ever since Zeo? Is this a change you made to the story so that Tommy and Kim are still a thing?
    5: Is this like part 1 to a much bigger story?
  • This is actually closer to 2010 since Justin and Nico are adults as well. Tommy always wore his communicator wherever he went. He only used the communicator at the game because by the time this story started everyone knew who the various Power Rangers were. Tommy and Kimberly had reconciled and wanted to give their relationship another chance to work out. This is only one part of the whole story, I haven't worked out the kinks regarding some of the villains yet. I'm surprised you didn't notice that I have Justin and Nico portrayed as lovers in the story. It's true that the beetleborgs are in the story as well, but I'm gonna also expand on the love triangle in the beetleborgs realm somehow in the story. There's a lot I'm gonna do in the story, but I haven't planned anything out yet besides what you see so far.
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