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Power Rangers HyperForce - Power Rangers role-playing game - series episodes



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    Power Rangers Hyper Force episode 16 "Homecoming" is now available.
    The Hyperforce Rangers, with a powerless Joe recovering in the medical bay, follow the stolen time ship two years further into the future to the year 2027. They discover The Leader's next move: free the villainous A-Squad Rangers. The team finds themselves a bit divided on how to handle the situation as Vesper would rather use extreme measures. Eventually they decide they've been away from home for long enough. What happens now and what happens later will both make an emotional impact on the HyperForce Rangers.
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    Power Rangers Hyper Force episode 17 "Director Ransik" is now available.
    After discovering that Vesper is one of four synthetic organisms created by the late Dr. Louis Fericks aka Frax, her synthetic siblings (Spencer, Rory, Jocelyn and Josh) ask her to join them in taking their revenge on the former mutant criminal Ransik for what he had done to their "father". Vesper is forced to decide whether she will avenge her fallen creator or continue her duties as a HyperForce Power Ranger, especially now that she and her fellow Rangers are now official Time Force Officers. Meanwhile, the HyperForce Rangers must find Ransik before the synthetic siblings do and protect him. Meanwhile, Joe reveals a surprising detail about his past and attempts to help the Rangers without his Silver Ranger morpher.
  • Power Rangers HyperForce is getting their very own Shattered Grid variant cover, and now we have our first look.
  • Power Rangers Hyper Force episode 18 "Stage 4: The Armada" is now available.
    Having discovered that The Leader and The Alliance plan to use Emperor Mavro's Armada ships, the HyperForce Rangers are forced to travel to times revolving around the time of the MegaForce Rangers' battles with all of Mavro, Vekar, and Vrak's forces in order to learn more about the Armada. They choose to go back to the time that the planet Andresia was invaded and talk to the planet's only known survivor, Orion, the soon-to-be Silver Megaforce Power Ranger.
  • Power Rangers Hyper Force episode 19 "Shattered Grid Part 1", 20 "Shattered Grid Part 2", and 21"Enter the Green Ranger" are now available.

    19. The Hyperforce Rangers detect that something has emerged from the normal time stream and somehow entered the hyper stream. The Rangers go to investigate, only to find themselves in a dark New Tech City full of despair. They also find a vicious army of evil Power Rangers controlling the city. The Rangers scramble to find answers as to what caused this shattered world, which will be difficult as they are on evil's grid. What they'll find may be more than many heroes can ever imagine.

    20. The HyperForce Rangers come face-to-helmet with the evil rule of this shattered grid universe, Lord Drakkon, the evil Power Ranger. The harsh battles for survival they've had thus far are about to get a whole lot worse. The Rangers must find a way to outthink and survive Lord Drakkon and escape from this nightmarish dimension before it destroys them physically as well as mentally.

    21. It's been some time since the HyperFroce Rangers's dark adventure in the Shattered Grid, but the scars remain. Tension gets broken when Joe calls to invite the Rangers to his wedding with Nadira. Unfortunately, Joe points out that there is some time missing prior to that. Marv also comes to the conclusion that nearly a month's worth of their own time is unaccounted for. Both have to wait as the HyperForce Rangers, with Joe as a now-permanent member of their team, are sent to 2007, right after Operation Overdrive defeated all their enemies and recovered the crown and five jewels of the Corona Aurora (the crown of the gods). They are asked Sentinal Knight to help him protect the recovered crown as new villains are seeking the crown and it's incredible powers. This time, Joe is packing a surprise, a brand new green morpher.
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    Power Rangers Hyper Force episode 22 "Fight for the Corona Aurora" and 23 "Rebirth… Kind Of" are now available.

    22. The HyperForce Rangers begin to find themselves drawn to power, more power. Some of the Rangers begin to develop an interest in gaining a new battlizer while Vesper wants to use the Corona Aurora to replace her lost arm. Meanwhile, The Leader returns and launches an aggressive attack on the Rangers to steal the Corona Aurora.

    23. The HyperForce Rangers face their darkest fight ever following "The Leader"s success in destroying one of the Rangers. They are trapped in the area by "The Leader"s forcefield, they are still face-to-face with the villain leading "The Alliance", and "The Leader" offers to give the Rangers their fallen comrade's body if they give him the Corona Aurora. To make matters worse, there are still things the Rangers don't know about their ongoing war with "The Leader" and "The Alliance".
  • Power Rangers Hyper Force episode 24 "Finale (Part 1)" and 25 "Season Finale" are now available.

    1. "The Alliance"s ultimate plan is coming to life, "The Leader" is in position to begin the first step in the ultimate plan, and "The Leader"s identity under the hood has finally been revealed. This means the end has begun. The HyperForce Power Rangers have assembled a small army of allies in order to stop "The Leader" from preventing Zordon from sacrificing himself to destroy the United Alliance of Evil and rewriting history to allow evil to rule the universe.

    2. The HyperForce Rangers and their allies' chaotic fight with "The Leader" at the United Alliance of Evil's first meeting in late 1998 has not stopped "The Alliance"s progression. Zordon has been captured by "The Alliance" in their army of Time Ships, the timeline has been severely altered due to the early destruction of the U.A.E, and "The Alliance" is ready to create a timeline where evil rules. The Power Rangers HyperForce now face their final fight with "The Alliance".

    This concludes the season of Power Rangers HyperForce. However, the finale did leave room for a potential second season. HyperForce might return for a second season.

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