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Power Rangers Beast Morphers

I see Jason of Red Mighty Morphin Ranger and another 7 The Legendary Rangers has return on Youtube is

If Beast Morphers Rangers and The Legendary Rangers are team up then who against?

It is Evox's Virus and Cybervillains team or it is someone else villains?

And why Jason of Red Mighty Morphin Ranger and The Legendary Rangers came visit to Beast Morphers Rangers so is something happen under attack in city town?


  • 1. A team-up with previous Rangers always means that something big, apart from a final battle, is about to happen (except in certain episodes of Super Megaforce). They could be up against a new villain like most team-ups do.

    2. If the show follows the format of its Sentai source, Evox could be destroyed for good this season, allowing another villain to take his place. What we don't know is if it'll be a new villain or an old one.
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