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Power Rangers in the UK

edited August 2013 in General Discussion
Hi all, just joined the forums today and I'd thought I'd post my first topic, I'm from the UK and obviously I don't know how many members here on the forums are also, but I'd like to let you guys know about the lack of exposure that PR gets in England it's on a lower budget TV station called Channel 5 on a Sunday morning and they're showing repeats of Samurai at the moment.
What I'm trying to get at is when PR first came to our attention back in 1993, it was on one of our main channels and the exposure it got was huge (compared to what it is today) I understand Saban Brands have to cater to the target US audience first and their channel of choice to show off their new PR is Nickelodeon, now, I for one do not have access to (or am even allowed by my landlord where I live) cable or satellite TV, so I don't have access to Nick to watch these new PR series. I have a low paid job which means I cannot stream them from Netflix/Lovefilm etc, so websites such as PRP/SSP are the ONLY way I can keep up with PR, the advertising in the UK for PR is also a joke, okay I don't watch too much kids TV these days, but that being said, for PR to get the exposure it needs, it has to return to a more effective channel. I just think the brand of PR is failing slightly in the UK because 80% of the people here in the UK that could watch it cannot because of the basic package our 'free-to-air' TV service gives us...

So thanks for reading this far, and thanks PRP for uploading the episodes so I can watch them, I will be continuing to do so for the foreseeable future and I ask, what do you think of the World-Wide exposure of PR (or at least the brand outside of the US)?



  • Welcome Hcd01!

    We don't have many active members here yet. I opened the forum as somewhat of a placeholder, to store my links, and I'll admit, even I haven't been very active. I'm pretty sure we have a few members that are from the UK though.

    Anyway, as for exposure, you are correct, it doesn't get a lot of exposure in the UK. It has a lot to do with the fact that they don't air the episodes on the same date that they do in the US/Canada. Maybe it has changed as of recent, but I'm not sure.

    I do have to admit, Saban has been doing a great job with promotion of the show, at least here in North America, It's everywhere. Their online presence has skyrocketed, with the videos that they post on their youtube channel. They incorporated social media, which is a must for advertising these days. Not to mention the release of dvd's for a bunch of their series', which was amazing. I feel like they are doing everything right, besides the quality of the show, which I don't like very much. Hopefully this next season, with the addition of some familiar faces, will help it get back on track.

    I'm glad that I can help, welcome to the forum :)
  • HI @hcd01 welcome to the forum! I am from the UK as well and I totally agree with you in regards to how PR has loss some of its credibility compared to the past when we had channel like Jetix. With the new series especially, the advertissement for PR just seems like a joke which is sad really. However, you can still watch previous PR seasons on Kix which is Sky channel 627 & 629 (not sure if you have sky). But overall I agree that there is a lack of exposure of PR especially in the UK considering that it used to be so big here.
  • I agree i am from the uk too and power rangers is no longer i hit like it was oh and hcd01 if you have a freesat box you can watch power rangers wild force dino thunder spd mystic force operation overdrive and jungle fury on kix and you can watch samurai super samurai and megaforce on channel 5
  • @zeorangerboy have they started showing megaforce on channel 5?
  • yes they have saturday mornings at 10 and ninja storm coming soon on kix
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