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Power Rangers - LEGENDARY WAR - thoughts and opinions

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On August 28, 1993, Rita Repulsa was accidentally released and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were born, Earth's first team of Power Rangers.
-21 years later-
On November 22, 2014, The Power Rangers Megaforce engage in their final battle with Emperor Mavro and his entire Armada. They are joined by all the Power Rangers that preceded them in the past 20 years. Every single Power Ranger came together to battle evil in a fight that will be known as the Legendary War (aka Mega War aka Ranger War aka Legendary Battle).
What did you fans think of the Legendary War? Were you pleased to see all the past Rangers return to fight evil as one massive force?


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    The Legendary War was not the biggest baddest battle I had imagined, but it was still good nonetheless. It was awesome that every single Power Ranger came back, even if we couldn't see all their faces. I only dreamed of such a battle growing up. It's too bad Saban didn't make it longer and more awesome, but it wasn't too bad. The talking during the War, however, was killing the epicness.
    I think that Saban missed a great opportunity to give it more spice He could have destroyed Mavro and his monster a bit sooner and made the Legendary War longer, etc.

    I would have done the finale one of these ways:

    1. After Mavro's defeat the X-Borgs came, the Rangers would stand ready to fight, then the X-Borgs would move out of the way to reveal... Prince Vrak alive, Vrak would give his speech about finally crushing the Rangers and their world after 2 years (It would be like Mesogog's surprise return in the final episode of Dino Thunder), then all the Legendary Rangers would arrive surprising the Megaforce Rangers and Vrak.

    2. Make "Legendary Battle" as a two-part finale. Part 1 would go the way Saban did it up until Troy and Orion escape. The Rangers would celebrate, then a laser ball hits them and knock them down, they look up and they see a mysterious figure walking their way. The mysterious figure is Prince Vrak, followed by his new general (Basco from Gokaiger). Vrak would give a sinister laugh and say "Rangers, nice to see you again. Now that my worthless brother and father are gone, I am finally the leader of a vast army. Your world will soon bow before me". Vrak reveals that his general is an old friend of his and that he's the one who actually rescued Vrak after he was struck down in "Vrak is Back Part 2". The Rangers attempt to morph but the general moves fast and attacks while they're unmorphed. He doesn't give the Rangers a chance to recover or morph and beats them. Orion tried to fight him, but the general easily beats him and mocks him, saying he was as easy to beat as the rest of the Andrasians, then throws him aside. Vrak then says "Now do you see Rangers? All you efforts were for nothing. I have a powerful general and a large portion of the Armada at my disposal. The galaxy now belongs to me, Emperor Vrak. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha" TO BE CONTINUED....
    Part 2: Vrak teleports away, gathers the remaining thousands of X-Borgs and Bruisers. Meanwhile the Rangers try to track down Vrak and his general. Vrak announces that the battle begins now, the Rangers locate the army and go to fight, while Gosei tells Tensou to reawaken an old friend while he does "something important". The Megaforce Rangers do their best against Vrak's army, but they are too much for the six of them. Vrak tells them that this is their last chance to surrender. The Rangers give their speech about never surrendering. Suddenly, all the past Rangers emerge, stunning Vrak, his general, and the army. Gosei explains that he used the Ranger keys to restore all the past Rangers' powers, and rebuild and repair Robo Knight. The Rangers unite and the Legendary War begins. After a few X-Borgs get beat, Troy battles Vrak, while Orion fights Vrak's general. Orion defeats Vrak's general, then continues fighting the army. All the X-Borgs and Bruisers are destroyed, then Troy, Noah, Jake, Gia, Emma, Robo Knight, and Orion join together against Vrak. They battle him and weaken him. Finally, they combine the Victory Charge, Knight Dynamic, and the Super Spear Blast into a single blast that destroys Vrak. All the Power Rangers meet together in front of Gosei's command center where he says he's proud of them all and that Zordon would be proud of them too. At the end, all the Rangers, in their Ranger forms, would celebrate with a party, while fireworks are being lauched from Harwood County by the people in celebration of the Rangers' big victory.

  • @PRThunder My first problem with the Legendary Battle is that it was not at all legendary since it didn't show all of our Power Rangers and our "Extra Warriors" like Wolf Warrior should have been included as well.

    My second problem with the battle is that it was just against an army of X-Borgs. Something I would have done to change how things were done is I would have had some other foot soldiers save Vrak from his last battle without us even seeing it at the time and then Vrak returns after Mavro is destroyed and he reveals that he was actually the true Emperor of the Armada, that he had taken it over from his Dad years ago and that his Dad just took the Emperor title as a decoy.

    Vrak spent his time away in hiding gaining strength and collecting soldiers for the upcoming grand battle so he grabbed foot soldiers such as Grinders, Moogers, Loogies and a bunch of X-Borgs, Bruisers and Royal Guards and then Vrak and those foot soldiers would be part of the invasion that would be part of the Legendary Battle.

    Also Vrak would have brought Octoroo and Sharkjaw with him too as part of the Legendary Battle.
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