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Power Rangers Dino Charge (News and Opinions)



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    Speaking of:

    501 – Powers From The Past (2/7)
    Millions of years after the mysterious and powerful Energems were entrusted to the now extinct dinosaurs for protection from a ruthless bounty hunter, a pair of courageous teens find themselves in possession of two of these long lost precious artifacts, and come face to face with a monster who will do everything in his power to steal them for himself.

    502 – Past, Present and Fusion (2/14)
    A new teen finds his own Energem and joins Tyler and Shelby on their pilgrimage to the Dinosaur Museum, where they learn they are a part of the elite team called the Power Rangers. They are entrusted with protecting the Energems from a fierce bounty hunter named Sledge, who has returned and is more determined than ever to capture the Energems for himself.

    503 – A Fools Hour (2/21)
    Sledge arrives on Earth to confront Keeper and the Rangers. He gives them a deadline to return the Energems, but coming up with a plan to fight back gets compromised when Tyler goes after Fury on his own. Can the Rangers figure out how to work as a team?

    504 – Return Of The Caveman (2/28)
    Chase tries to help Koda adapt to modern day technology after he struggles to learn how to ride their new high tech Dino Cycles. But when they are caged in a cave by one of Sledge’s monsters, Koda must rely on his caveman instincts to escape and save his friend.
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    Woah. Based on what I'm seeing in these episode descriptions, it feels like they'll be developing the beginning of the Power Rangers slowly, not quickly like they did with all the other seasons. These episodes remind me of how it took Kamen Rider Dragon Knight five episodes to put all the basic information of the show together. By the looks of these episode descriptions, it will take Power Rangers Dino Charge 3 episodes, maybe 4, to put all the basic information together.
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    I thought I should post that the Power Rangers facebook and twitter accounts posted today saying that if their twitter message got 100 retweets by tonight then they will upload the Dino Charge premiere to and the Nick App tomorrow... and it has gotten over 700 retweets as of this edit. @PRThunder @vgiannell5
  • Then we'll have access to the first episode soon. Of course, I'll wait until Feb 7 to see the episode.
  • More episode titles.


    505 - Breaking Black
    When a Maori fortune teller asks Chase for help guarding her shop from a potential thief, Chase is happy to help, but falls under the spell of Sledge's latest monster, Spellbinder. The rest of the Rangers must quickly figure out how to help break Spellbinder's hold on Chase before their friend is lost to them forever.

    506 - The Tooth Hurts
    When faced with the fast-firing Cavity monster, Riley thinks Chase doesn't take the threat seriously, but soon learns that Chase simply has a different approach.

    507 - Let Sleeping Zords Lie
    When Sledge's monster stings the Ankylo Zord, Shelby must use her advanced dino knowledge to tame the wild beast.
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