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What Happened to the Zeo Crystal?



  • The Dino Coins were simply Replicated. If you remember right jason was still morphed after Rocky & Jason did the power transfer.
  • you can't really use that still-morphed thing as a reason. Remember it takes time to demorph. Remember when Tommy gave up his Dragon Coin after the Green Candle went out? it took a few seconds for him to demorph.
  • yeah but jason never demorphed showed sign of losing his power. they just teleported out so it was never really stated that he lost his powers or his power coin, it was just a power transfer.
  • they couldn't really show much in that case since those actors (Walter, Thuy and Austin) weren't there.
  • what happened to the Zeo Crystal? see...LOOK! CARS! EXTREEEEEEME! WHOOOOO! VROOM! VROOM!

    ya, that's pretty much the extent of the explanation we get. :P Although I think it's safe enough to say that the powers were never lost.
  • I wish there was a better explanation then just trying to guess. So many plot holes but gotta remember it is a kids show!
  • Yeah... A kid show that adults like me love to watch lol. I'm 21 and I still love the show.
  • Yea, it'd be nice if there was a better reason for what happened to the Zeo Crystal but we probably won't ever get an explanation.
  • Maybe they'll do like I said, bring it back, could be a reason how they powered the Gokai Team, the Zeo Crystal transforming into Keys, nah... That sounds stupid... But Saban could make their own Zeo Reboot series, their own suits and everything and explain where the damn crystal went. (Pardon my french)
  • make their own reboot series? don't bet on it. He wouldn't even pay for good actors for Samurai if the rumors are true.. but it wouldn't be a surprise considering the first few seasons of Mighty Morphin'
  • My Theory is they used the remaining Zeo Crystal to create the turbo powers, i mean that power just didn't come out of their asses...unless zordon is that good lmao
  • Uh...dude? White Ranger power? Created by Alpha and Zordon!
  • NightMere has a point. Not to mention the Keys were made to be like Lerigot's so it's possible Lerigot had some hand in it as well.
  • i guess zordon can just make crap come out of his ass like that. lmao
  • Considering the KO-35 rebels made the Mega Winger, it can't be that hard.
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