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for all power ranger fans

what up what up ranger fans so my name is chris and i just wanted to share something with you guys...... you see if you have a face book check out this site .......... i am the admin there and we talk all things power rangers so you guys are more then welcomed to join and catch up on everything power rangers i hold mini contest every know and then to see who the true ranger fans are (the ones who have never missed an episode from any season) and i would love to have you join us


  • Hey, it looks pretty cool so I joined.
  • I'm not big on facebook.. But I'll join too, haha.
  • i'd join but i dont like giving away my personal information to people i dont know, which my facebook as a lot of.
  • dubby you dont have to give any personal info out just come have fun enjoy the convos we roleplay alot on there they call me the zordon of the page cause im the admin and what not so your more then welcomed to join in on the role play and talk about power rangers
  • Hey Rangerchris11. If ur Zordon in there, then u have to know the names of monsters instantly, know the secrets of the unsiverse, and be very very very wise.
  • i try to be lol but i have never missed a single episode of power rangers no matter what season and soon im going to through a little contest on the site for the fans to stump me on any episode of any season and the fan that stumps me gets put into the sites hall of fame (kinda thing)
  • ive seen ever episode. but when i first watched it as a kid i stopped watching after mystic force because i didnt like Operation Overdrive. but i finally gave the other seasons a chance and loved them lol
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    I've seen every single episode as well. I missed some of Space's 2nd half episodes during their first runs though but I caught up in time before the big stuff. At least I think I caught up in time anyway but that was years ago so I don't really remember.
  • i didn't miss a single episode of in space. there was a time we're we didnt have tv for like a month so every saturday id go over to my aunts just to watch it lmao. i was obsessed :)
  • thats awesome but we discuss all things on the site and i am also currently writing my own fanfiction with all seasons of power rangers i will be posting it here soon but i also post it on my ranger site
  • I'm gonna every episode. Tht's a promise. I've seen all the Rangers seasons in action, but I've never seen all the epsiodes.
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