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Another Power Rangers Movie? Or Reboot?



  • Whats wrong with Michael Bay? Transformers trilogy is awesome. Michael Bay could direct it & peter jackson could produce it! I like it!
    Channing Tatum: Red Ranger
    Taylor Lautner: Blue Ranger
    Noah Ringer: Green Ranger
    Natalie Portman: Yellow Ranger
    Jessica Alba: Pink Ranger

    thats just a slight idea lol
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    It'd be nice to have another Power Rangers movie but please no reboot. Flintstones. Underdog. Batman. Spider-Man 2 times. Superman 2 times. how many times do we need to reboot a series? Hollywood is becoming "Rebootwood"

    CM's idea with all villains (all villains that are still alive that is) returning and all Rangers returning would be awesome but it wouldn't happen. No matter how much funds they got for such a movie, it wouldn't be enough to pay for all of the cast involved.

    Dubby, to be fair, Dino Thunder didn't really know of each other either. I mean they were aware of each other but they didn't really know them. Kira, Conner and Ethan were just in Tommy's class.

    In the case of S.P.D, only Sky, Bridge and Syd actually knew of each other and actually worked together.

    Also corey is correct. Power Rangers isn't ever going to end as 1. it makes money, 2. Bandai makes a profit selling the toys and 3. Toei makes Sentai.
  • im aware of that MattEmily, but most of the time the rangers all knew each other. Think the only teams that didnt know each other right away are, Operation Overdrive, SPD, Dino Thunder, & The Newer Turbo team. The turbo team, TJ, Cassi, Ashley & Carlos all came together thanks to the rangers to form one of the greatest teams in history, and then they met andros in the "in space" season. so agreed. not all teams knew each other right away, but still it would be a cool idea for a movie if non of them new each other right away.
  • Turned out to be a disaster for the Samurai team though... They didn't know each other either. Maybe the series would of been better if they knew each other before hand, haha.
  • Yup, Dubby, very true. But it is indeed cool when there's like 2 Rangers that don't know the rest of the Rangers.
    Also keep in mind there's also technically Lost Galaxy. Only the ones with Terra Venture knew of each other.

    Also there's Lightspeed Rescue too. None of them knew of each other either.
    Dana only knew about the files they had on the 4 candidates, that was basically it.

    and yes, Overdrive is indeed another one as is the 2nd Turbo team.
  • good point with lost galaxy
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