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Saban Signs Deal To Release Power Rangers On Blu-Ray/DVD

Well, figured i'd make one thread for everyone to discuss. If you haven't heard yet, Saban has inked a deal with Shout! factory (A company that i've been following for years) to not only release every season of powers rangers on DVD and Blu-Ray , but also VR Troopers, BeetleBorgs, and Ninja Turles: The Next Mutation! It's a great day for the PR fandom. Sadly, this does not include the two movies.


Here is one of the many links to this announcement

Shout! Factory will be releasing everything starting this summer of 2012.


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    I wonder if they'll release MMPR Seasons 1-3 in one giant box set, or have them be individual. Either way, I'm just aiming for MMPR 1-3, Zeo, and Turbo. Maybe Dino Thunder as well.
  • i cant wait is it being released in the summer ive been getting no's and yes's
  • Yes, DVDs will start being released in the summer. We just don't know which ones.
  • Very nice with the sticky thread. Now we wont have to worry about multiple posts (well...)
  • BLUERAY!? Sweetmother of mercy...
  • the best zord battles 1992-1995 could offer in the best quality ever?? Jesus Mary and Mike....
  • hmm, I'm not sure I really see the point behind the blu-ray, particularly for the earlier seasons. The video quality simply isn't there. Yes, there is upconverting, but that can only do so much.
  • True. I'm just going to get them on DVD. Only because it's what my computer/PS2 plays and the only Blu-Ray player I have is at my house, three hours away from me.
  • Oh I thought we were simply doing over-the-top reactions. Yeah I would probably only get Dvd too
  • I, for one, will only get dvds... I hope they aren't too expensive
  • I think it's because the Two Movies are already out.
  • im going to buy them all on bluray :D they already have the two movies on dvd but it would be cool if they release them on bluray as well.
  • i definitely am getting them all on dvd
  • the reason the movies arent getting released is because they dont have the rights to them 20th century fox does
  • scratch that last comment the rights were sold to paramount i think
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