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Favorite Power Rangers Romance <3



  • I didn't like Tanya that much when I first watched PRZ, but the second time i watched it, I grew to love her character. She's not like any other female ranger. She actually really stood up for herself, had to learn martial arts, and overall was one of the stronger female fighters
  • In a way she kinda reminded me of Billy's character. Not as smart as billy but she did remind me of him. Had to learn martial arts from scratch and stood up for her self like billy did.
  • And what do we think of Andros and Ashley?
  • Not as good as Jen and Wes. Both couples should've had a kissing scene. After a while, I felt like Ashley was suffering from "Kim Syndrome" i.e relying on Andros ALL the dang time
  • Speaking of Kim, I would have prefered that Kim and Tommy never broke up and that Kat would be with Rocky.
  • I agree except for the Rocky part. I see Rocky with any of the potential love interests he had in Zeo and prefer Kat with Jason.

    Sticking with the "original rangers" (Cast from MMPR-Turbo) I'm a Tommy/Kim, Kim/Jason, Adam/Tanya, and Kat/Jason fan.
  • Or Jason and Kat would work.
  • Andros and Ashley was okay, but it could have been a lot better.
  • I think they did a great job with throwing hints here and there until Andros actually asked her out on a date. But other than that, I felt like they had one date and then they stopped showing the romance part until the end
  • I didn't like the "Red with Envy" episode. I never really saw signs of Zhane hitting on Ashley, I personally thought Andros was kind of a douche in that episode.
  • That's the whole point of it, thought. From personal experiences, guys (and girls) can take innocent things as flirting and get jealous over it.
  • That's true i guess.
  • edited March 2012
    Well Andros liked her, what did you think he was gonna think Dubby? BTW here is theie Lunch Date scene
  • Okay. My two favorites are Emily/Mike and Nick/Maddi
  • Too me there were signs of Nick & Madison, but they never really got into detail with it though i wish they would have.
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