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Power Rangers: Could they be the source of an APOCALYPSE?

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When Zordon gave Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly their powers, they became the greatest superhero team ever assembled, but the forces of evil had a way equalize the fight. Rita had a power coin, an evil-izing spell, and Tommy, so she created the evil Green Ranger. PRLR's Titanium morpher was stolen by a vengeful Ryan who was willing to destory the Rangers and the Lightspeed organization. Eric decided to take the Quantum powers for his own perposes. The SPD B-Squad met their match when the famous A-Squad became corrupted. In the old days it seemed like the powers were difficult to get, but PRLR, PRTF, PRNS, PRDT, PRSPD, PROO, PRJF, PRRPM, and PRS/PRSS makes it look like anyone get can get the powers. Imagine that everyone on got the Ranger powers, including criminals. I'm not just referring to the people of Earth, but people from everywhere like from all galaxies, universes, multiverses, dimensions, etc. If everyone on both sides of good and evil got the powers it could possibly lead to an APOCALYPSE much bigger than the on the Venjix Virus caused. My question to you fans is this.... Can the defenders of the universe also be the destroyers of the universe?
Here's are a few videos that show the kind of battle that could happen. Imagine it on a "universal" scale. Video 1 is where it would begin. Video 2 shows what it could end up being. For video 2 imagine good and evil Power Rangers fighting each other with their blasters, vehicles, zords, and Megazords (Ignore Sarah Conner's talking)


  • @PowerRangerPlanet, @NightMere10, @Dubby, sayla0079, MattEmily, @vgiannell5, @Ranger91, @Dekablue, @zeoranger5, someone please give me an opinion here.
  • I don't think that the Power Rangers are a source of any apocalypses at all. If anything, they are the defenders of the universe unless they get corrupted somehow. So whomever thinks that the Power Rangers are a source of any apocalypses, they need to rethink their reasoning for saying that Power Rangers are a source of any apocalypses at all.
  • It could potentially become an apocalypses if either some of the ranger turned to the dark side or corrupted like @zeoranger5 said. Or if some villains somehow harness the ranger powers from the morphin grid, that could create an apocalypse. But all in all, the ranger powers are a sign of justice, friendship, and teamwork, so if that power was misuse, then the meaning of the ranger power could potentially be lost.
  • @PRThunder You have a point but keep in mind that with Dino Thunder, not just anyone can activate the power of the gems. It's like Tommy told Elsa "You can't choose them, they choose you."

    With Ninja Storm, we don't know how their Morphers work but at the time they were likely hidden within the Wind and Thunder Ninja Academies so you would need to find the secret entrance in order to even get there then you would have to find out where they're hidden at. It looked like Kanoi and Cam hid theirs within Ninja Ops.

    The Amulet couldn't have been found since no one knew where it was at in real life. Cam had to go back in time to find it and Mika only gave it to him because of the amulet reacting to him while he was fighting Kiya.
  • Yeah, they could be pretty bad in the wrong hands. A lot of the powers were specifically designed to prevent that from happening, but when scientists are able to create them manually, there is only so much one can do to prevent that. The SPD probably had a lot of profiling to make sure that people were trustworthy enough to use the powers. Yeah, whatever system was in place failed with the A squad, but I'm sure there were efforts there. On the other hand, Doctor K didn't seem to be too careful in choosing people. She probably wasn't too concerned about misuse because the apocalypse had already happened in that world.
  • No, they won't start an Apocalypse, but yes. The Powers can be pretty much given to anyone.

    Example, the original six, a bunch of goodie goods with attitude transformed into super heroes who are true, and just and right.

    Example; DIllon, the black RPM ranger, a Mindless Half machine Half Human Cyborg given the powers just because he passed all the tests.

    Example; Ziggy, the Green RPM ranger, a bone head, who worked for a mob gang with no fighting skills, kind of cowardly most of the time, has no potential to succeed in anything. Given the powers because he was brave enough to keep the powers from falling into evil hands.

    Example; Wesley Collins, Red Time Force Ranger. Chosen because he was the only one who matched DNA with the real Red Time Force Ranger, Alex. Wesley collins, block headed and slightly complainish at the time of receiving his powers, learns his lesson and becomes possibly one of the greatest red rangers of all time.

    Example; SPD. Best in their class, all top scores. Given the powers simply because they were accidentally given special powers that no mere human could have because of a lab experiment gone wrong from their parents.

    Example; Mack, Red Operation Overdrive. Complained that he never got to do anything fun even though he was a rich guy who could get whatever he wanted. Always nosey and getting into things he shouldn't be. PMSing about his dad all the time because he never let him do anything like becoming a ranger. You don't ask to become a ranger, you get asked. Get it through your thick skull.

    So basically, as stated before, the powers can be given to just about anyone. Even whiney complaining teenagers who are rich and spoiled by their parent or parents.
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    That's precisely what I mean. If anyone can get the power, it means ba guys can get them too and that would be disastrous. @MattEmily for PRDT I wasn't referring to the part where they needed the gems. I was referring to the fact that one woman could build the morphers. Power Rangers tech is supposed to be highly advanced, but a few Earthlings have made it look like you could build a morpher easily. If there was an evil human as brilliant as those Earthlings and as greedy as Broodwing, there would be a major problem.
    My Fellow Ranger fans, I know that the Power Rangers are symbols of "justice, friendship, and teamwork", but in the wrong hands, those powers can make them into evil destroyers of worlds. I'm sure we all remember the evil Power Rangers from Ranger history
  • In particular, the Psycho rangers are a good example of what could happen if there was an evil team of Power Rangers. If it hadn't been for their extreme lack of teamwork and Andromeda wanting to drag the fights out to drain Dark Specter, the In Space Rangers would probably have been easily defeated.
  • i've always imagined about a darker mature PR series where the last rangers were defeated and the earth was virtually destroyed and the planet was ruled by an evil empire... set 10 years later a new team of rangers gain powers in order to lead the rebellion to fight back and the megazord is the last line of defense.

    sounds a bit like RPM but i'm meaning a very dark story and maybe even have a ranger die.
  • that could have worked if they did an in between season for RPM. Or maybe they could even lead these teams up to the time RPM happened if they wanted to. But we all know it's gonna be fine in the end because of the Time Force rangers in the year 3000 ;)
  • Except for the fact that RPM happened in a parallel universe. They could easily do the same thing again, although I don't really like the idea in the first place.
  • Except for the fact that RPM happened in a parallel universe. They could easily do the same thing again, although I don't really like the idea in the first place.
    are you sure RPM is in the parallel world and samurai isn't?
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    Yes, because Skull's son and Bulk are in Samurai.
  • Except for the fact that RPM happened in a parallel universe. They could easily do the same thing again, although I don't really like the idea in the first place.
    are you sure RPM is in the parallel world and samurai isn't?
    @Ranger91 Bulk, Skull, and Spike exist in the world of the MMPR Rangers. The RPM world is apocalyptic. PR Samurai exists in the same dimension as the Rangers we grew up with (MMPR-PRJF)

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