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Power Rangers Megaforce: SILVER RANGER?

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I know we are all waiting for the new POWER RANGERS MEGAFORCE to come, but I have a question. According to a google search, there might be or will be a Silver Ranger. That raises some questions because since the series is gonna be very original, we don't know who or what will be the Silver Ranger. PRM is made from Super Sentai Goseiger so this Silver Ranger could actually be Roboknight (American adaption of Gosei Knight). Since the series will be original, they might make a new costume and that would become the Silver Ranger. Since season 2 will be made from Super Sentai Gokaiger, they might use the Silver Pirate costume for the Silver Ranger. There are 3 possible answers. Only one can be right. Which one do you think it is people? The options are right below this comment.
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  • Option 4: The person who plays Roboknight will also be the Silver Pirate. Either that or option 3.
  • Gokai silver was a super sentai fan

    it would be cool if PR's Silver is a power ranger fan and created his own morpher
  • I dunno if you guys agree with me, but I would like to see all the suits in action. I would love to see RoboKnight, Silver Megaforce Ranger, and Silver Pirate in action
  • you are aware that picture 2 is gosei blue right
  • are they using the same cast from megaforce in season 2? how is that going to work?
  • are they using the same cast from megaforce in season 2? how is that going to work?
    we have no idea yet... i was thinking "gokaiger" could be an upgrade but due to goseiger v goka crossover it would make sense that gokai are different rangers. I feel they should be the power rangers of eltar created by Zordan for the ultimate emergency.
  • Hold on a second, if they use Gokaiger costumes, they have to have a reason for the "Piratey" looks and the symbol.
  • Hold on a second, if they use Gokaiger costumes, they have to have a reason for the "Piratey" looks and the symbol.
    yeah they are either Pirates or adopt that look to stay undercover while searching for the "greatest treasure" or whatever there role will be
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    @Well I'm hoping that the Goseiger costumes will be used for the Megaforce Rangers for both seasons and that the Gokaiger costumes will be used for recurring characters
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    Power Ranger fans. I have found juicy info about the 6th Ranger (Robo Knight is not the 6th Ranger) Here are the details on the 6th Megaforce Ranger. These are not my words. They are taken from the site I found the info on.

    "One of my sources has confirmed that Cameron Jebo will be playing the role of the Silver Ranger in Power Rangers Super Megaforce. I am waiting for confirmation from my other sources. Cameron was one of the final candidates for the Red Ranger role.
    There is no confirmation on whether the Silver Ranger will be Gokai Silver or an original Silver Ranger. Based on the usage of Gokaiger footage, we will most likely see Gokai Silver. The Casting Side used Zador as the current placeholder name"

    Read more:

    Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Zador (Cameron Jebo)

    We just might see the team like this

    And here is an image of the Megaforce Rangers' soon-to-be "Super Mode"
  • Does anyone have any opinions about how this Silver Ranger might turn out?
  • @PRThunder Nope, I really have no clue what might happen although I personally would enjoy it if he was like Gai/GokaiSilver, just not as overly excited whenever he sees a past Ranger. I'd also like for him to spit out random facts every time a past Ranger returned that would relate to the Ranger or to their team instead of being overly excited about a previous Ranger.
  • @GoldenTurbo What's your take on the Silver Megaforce Ranger?
  • Hmm.... we will see what happens but I hope we get a good Ranger.
  • @GoldenTurbo What we do know about the Silver Megaforce Ranger is this

    Actor: Cameron Jebo
    Ranger's name: Zador

    From the name "Zador" I'd say that the Silver Ranger is going to be a human-looking alien. Hopefully he will be an expert on Power Rangers, just like his Sentai counterpart who was an expert on Super Sentai
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