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Power Rangers: Coolest base destruction

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Every Power Ranger team had a base of operations. So did their enemies. In plenty of seasons, a time came where we had to say "goodbye" to a base. Which base destruction was the coolest. It doesn't matter if it was the Rangers' or the villains' base, just tell which one was the coolest or put up a video of it.
If you're remember a base's destruction which made you sad, then there is a discussion for that too. Just click on the link:


  • For me, the coolest base destruction was when the Power Chamber was destroyed in Power Rangers Turbo: Chase Into Space, pt. 2. I liked it because the power rangers actually stayed with the power chamber until after Divatox left the earth to follow Dark Specter's orders. Even Zordon and Dimitria's Energy Tube was destroyed in that episode. Even though that tube was destroyed, Dark Specter had an energy tube for Zordon when Zordon was captured on Eltar.
  • The destruction of the clock tower in time force, with Wes and Eric escaping was epic.
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    @zeoranger5 @Ranger91 Can you guys add a video to your comments? That would be cool. Just edit the comments
  • The coolest one has to be the Megaship crashing into the Scorpion Stinger in Lost Galaxy. It gets extra points for destroying the base for two teams of Rangers and the base of the villain all at the same time.
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    Here's the one @zeoranger5 mentioned
    @Ranger91 I cannot find a video for yours

    Here's the one @Dekablue mentioned (sorry it's not the full scene. This was the best one I could find)
  • My favorites where when the Turbo Command Center was destroyed, and when Teraventure and the megaship were destroyed and the clock tower in time force.
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    @Dubby, I put up the video of Command Center's destruction in PRT and the Astro Megaship's destruction. I can't find a video of the Clock Tower's destruction. I did find Terra Venture's final explosion when it crashed on Mirinoi
  • I don't think the entire clock tower it's self was destroyed, just inner part.
  • Well I need to find more vids. I would put vids of base destructions up, but I don't have a Youtube account
  • Don't forget the Lightspeed Aqua Base was destroyed too.
  • @PRThunder if you have a gmail account, then you can use it as a Youtube account.
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    @vgiannel5 Here are 2 videos for the destruction you brought up
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