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Teenagers with attitude...

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So i was having a think over this and i came to the conclusion that not every season of PR's has teenagers with attitude and has some adults, okay i guarantee someone will object to this but hear me out i've got my reasons

MMPR - 17year olds
PRZ - 19 year olds, Tommy and Billy possibly 20?
PR T - 20 year olds but then replaced with 17 year olds
PRIS - 18 year olds, though i reckon Andros and Zhane are older due to them been more experienced and Andros easily been at least 2 years older than Karone who was about 18/19.
PRLG - this one is definitely with adults i'd say Leo, Kendrix and Maya are early 20's let's say 21 while Mike, Kai and Joel are around 24/25, why? because they hold high ranking positions in their jobs
PRLR - again adults and between ages 21-25, due to their actual jobs.
PRTF - adults again here Wes and Trip could possibly stretch to been 19 but i think they are a bit older.
PRWF - i'd say back to teenagers again here, though Cole and Taylor could be slightly older than the other 3.
PRNS - The main 5 are definitely teenagers but aren't seen at a normal high school so it's possible they recently graduated, Cam i suspect is a bit older though he might just act that way.
PRDT - obviously all teenagers save for Tommy.
PRSPD - Back to adults here between 21-25 it's unlikely the police would hire teenagers to be police officers.
PRMF - Back to teenagers again here
PROO - And back to adults here to 21-25 as their jobs show they aint teenagers.
PRJF - Not seen much of this so cant really say but i reckon they are teenagers
PRRPM - All of them are adults here and i suspect Dillion is the oldest by a couple years.
PRS - not teenagers around 21-25 again here.

as i right this i realise the americans on here don't view people as adults until 21 (right?) where its more 18 in the UK


  • Well, when it came to the "Teenagers with attitude slogan", it was mainly for the premise of the first season. Which is why they don't say it during any other seasons, or at least to my knowledge.

    Basically, you should just judge it by their lives. If they're going to school, they're probably teenagers, it's usually easy to tell. But as for the slogan, yeah, I only associate it with the first season.
  • Well at least we will see the "teenagers with attitude" thing again in Power Rangers Megaforce
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    Operation Overdrive, Dax and Ronny could easily be 18-19. It's not uncommon for young actors, stunts men, or race car drivers, Danaka(Sp?) patrick is only like 19 and Blake Foster was only around lets say 10-13 when he joined the show.

    I'd say Wes is about 17 just graduated from highschool, but he does act older once he starts accepting his role as Red Ranger leader of the power rangers.
    Jen Could be anywhere from 21-24 given her rank, same with Lucas and Katie.
    I'd say Eric was probably 25-30 given his job rep and rank in the Silver Guardians.

    Ninja Storm I am pretty sure Blake and Hunter are teens too because they could easily be in Highschool still as well, and Cam. I think he's anywhere from 18-20.

    I agree with In Space and Turbo.

    And Joel is Lightspeed Rescue, not lost galaxy. Damon is lost Galaxy and he's at least 25-28. don't know many teens that are bald all around unless they have cancer.

    RPM, def all adults, but I think Ziggy is probably the youngest around 17-19.

    Mystic force, claim to be teens who work and go to school but never actually show them in school.

    SPD, all Adults given their ranks in the police force, unless they're 21 jump street all over again.

    Wild Force, Cole could be anywhere from 17-19, Taylor probably 23-25 given her rank in the air force. and the rest are in their late teens.

    Dino thunder, all teens but Tommy and Haley.

    Jungle Fury, I think Lilly, and Theo are around 20-21, Rj and Dom are in there 25-30s and Casey I'd say hes about 17-19 just out of highschool given his rank as a ninja student.

    Light Speed Rescue, most of them worked regular jobs and could easily be in there late 20s. except Ryan who is 21 (given that was the age that he would see his father again).

    I think I listed all my opinions.
  • I have to say I'm pretty sure you're wrong on Time Force at least. Wes and Eric went to school together, so must be about the same age.
  • Also consider in RPM we don't know Gem and Gemma's chronological ages so they could possibly be in their late teens.
  • Unless implicitly stated within the series, I always assume the Rangers are supposed to be between 16 & 20 no matter how old the actors portraying the character is in real life... It makes the episodes where one of the Rangers learns an important if not, obvious life lesson a little easier to swallow.
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