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Power Rangers Megaforce: Official Discussion



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    Speaking of "background personality" here's the Ranger cast for Power Rangers Megaforce:
    Andrew Gray=Troy (RED), John Mark=Noah (BLUE), Azim Rizk=Jake (BLACK), Ciara Hanna=Gia (YELLOW), Christina Masterson=Emma (PINK)
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    Power Ranger fans. I was right. There will be a sixth Ranger and it won't be Robo Knight. To quote "The latest Casting Side reveals the name Zador for the Sixth Ranger in Power Rangers Megaforce (Season 2). The name Zador may be a placeholder for Gokai Silver character" Basically, we will be either getting a Green Ranger that looks like the Megaforce Rangers or a Silver Ranger that looks like a pirate. Don't forget to check out
    image image

    And check out this video. Power Rangers Megaforce makes their debut at Macy's 86th Thanksgiving Day parade.
  • so there will be seven rangers? I thought there was only six?
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    @Dubby there will be six Rangers. Roboknight will be helping them. The photos above are 2 possiblities. Either Gosei Green or Gokai Silver will be the 6th Ranger.
    BTW here's a Power Rangers Mob Flash at the Power Morphicon guest starring The Moogers
  • White ranger seems a little out of place, lol.
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    They are also missing Lauren the female Red Samurai Ranger.
    BTW since this discussion is about Power Rangers Megaforce, here's something that Power Ranger fans might like. I found a video of the Gosei Morpher from Power Rangers Megaforce. It says over 170 phrases (which mentions all the Power Rangers from the last 20 years. The list of phrases is below the video.

    1 Go Go Megaforce
    2 Summon Zord
    3 Ultra Mode Morph
    4 Summon Battle Gear
    5 Summon Megazord
    6 Victory Charge
    7 Megaforce Red
    8 Megaforce Blue
    9 Megaforce Black
    10 Megaforce Pink
    11 Megaforce Yellow
    12 Megaforce Robo Knight
    13 Megaforce Red Power Up
    14 Megaforce Blue Power Up
    15 Megaforce Black Power Up
    16 Megaforce Pink Power Up
    17 Megaforce Yellow Power Up
    18 (energy sound)
    19 Megaforce Megazord
    20 Mighty Morphin Red
    21 Mighty Morphin Red Power Up
    22 Mighty Morphin Blue
    23 Mighty Morphin Black
    24 Mighty Morphin Pink
    25 Mighty Morphin Yellow
    26 Mighty Morphin Green
    27 Mighty Morphin White
    28 Mighty Morphin Megazord
    29 Mighty Morphin
    35 Zeo Red
    36 Zeo Blue
    37 Zeo Green
    38 Zeo Yellow
    39 Zeo Pink
    40 Zeo Gold
    41 Zeo Megazord
    42 Turbo Red
    43 Turbo Blue
    44 Turbo Green
    45 Turbo Yellow
    46 Turbo Pink
    47 Turbo Ranger
    48 Turbo Megazord
    49 In Space Red
    50 In Space Blue
    51 In Space Black
    52 In Space Yellow
    53 In Space Pink
    54 In Space Silver
    55 In Space Megazord
    56 Lost Galaxy Red
    57 Lost Galaxy Red Power Up
    58 Lost Galaxy Blue
    59 Lost Galaxy Green
    60 Lost Galaxy Yellow
    61 Lost Galaxy Pink
    62 Lost Galaxy Ranger
    63 Lost Galaxy Megazord
    64 Lightspeed Rescue Red
    65 Lightspeed Rescue Blue
    66 Lightspeed Rescue Green
    67 Lightspeed Rescue Yellow
    68 Lightspeed Rescue Pink
    69 Lightspeed Rescue Ranger
    70 Lightspeed Rescue Megazord
    71 Time Force Red
    72 Time Force Blue
    73 Time Force Green
    74 Time Force Yellow
    75 Time Force Pink
    76 Time Force Ranger
    77 Time Force Megazord
    78 Wild Force Red
    79 Wild Force Blue
    80 Wild Force Black
    81 Wild Force Yellow
    82 Wild Force White
    83 Wild Force Silver
    84 Wild Force Megazord
    85 Ninja Storm Green
    86 Ninja Storm Red
    87 Ninja Storm Blue
    88 Ninja Storm Yellow
    89 Ninja Storm Ranger
    90 Ninja Storm Megazord
    91 Dino Thunder Red
    92 Dino Thunder Red Power Up
    93 Dino Thunder Blue
    94 Dino Thunder Black
    95 Dino Thunder Yellow
    96 Dino Thunder White
    97 Dino Thunder Megazord
    98 SPD Red
    99 SPD Red Power Up
    101 SPD Blue
    102 SPD Blue Power Up
    103 SPD Green
    104 SPD Green Power Up
    105 SPD Yellow
    106 SPD Yellow Power Up
    107 SPD Pink
    108 SPD Pink Power Up
    109 SPD Ranger
    110 SPD Megazord
    111 Mystic Force Red
    112 Mystic Force Blue
    113 Mystic Force Green
    114 Mystic Force Yellow
    115 Mystic Force Pink
    116 Mystic Force Red Power Up
    117 Mystic Force Blue Power Up
    118 Mystic Force Green Power Up
    119 Mystic Force Yellow Power Up
    120 Mystic Force Pink Power Up
    122 Mystic Force Gold
    123 Mystic Force White
    124 Mystic Force Ranger
    125 Mystic Force Megazord
    126 Operation Overdrive Red
    127 Operation Overdrive Blue
    128 Operation Overdrive Black
    129 Operation Overdrive Yellow
    130 Operation Overdrive Pink
    131 Operation Overdrive Silver
    132 Operation Overdrive Red Power Up
    133 Operation Overdrive Blue Power Up
    134 Operation Overdrive Black Power Up
    135 Operation Overdrive Yellow Power Up
    136 Operation Overdrive Pink Power Up
    137 Operation Overdrive Ranger
    138 Jungle Fury White
    139 Operation Overdrive Megazord
    140 Jungle Fury Red
    141 Jungle Fury Blue
    142 Jungle Fury Yellow
    143 Jungle Fury Red Power Up
    144 Jungle Fury Blue Power Up
    145 Jungle Fury Yellow Power Up
    146 Jungle Fury Ranger
    147 Jungle Fury Megazord
    148 RPM Red
    149 RPM Blue
    150 RPM Green
    151 RPM Yellow
    152 RPM Black
    153 RPM Gold
    154 RPM Silver
    155 RPM Megazord
    156 Samurai Red
    157 Super Samurai Red
    158 Samurai Blue
    159 Super Samurai Blue
    160 Samurai Green
    161 Super Samurai Green
    162 Samurai Yellow
    163 Super Samurai Yellow
    164 Samurai Pink
    165 Super Samurai Pink
    166 Samurai Gold
    167 Samurai Megazord
    168 Samurai
    169 Zeo
    171 Turbo
    172 In Space
    173 Lost Galaxy
    174 Lightspeed Rescue
    175 Time Force
    176 Wild Force
    177 Ninja Storm
    178 Dino Thunder
    179 SPD
    180 Mystic Force
    181 Operation Overdrive
    182 Jungle Fury
    183 RPM

    The list is from
  • MegaForce airs Feb 2nd 2013
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    @Ranger91 THANK YOU! I've been waiting for the air date for so long. All we need now is an episode guide. Power Rangers Megaforce just might be a Mega season.
  • here is the episode guide
    1 Mega Mission
    2 He Blasted Me With Science
    3 Going Viral
    4 Stranger Ranger
    5 United We Stand
    6 Harmony and Dischord
    7 Who's Crying Now?
    8 Robo Knight
    9 Prince Takes Knight
    10 Man and Machine
    11 Ultra Power
    12 Last Laugh
    13 Dream Snatcher
    14 Gosei Ultimate
    15 The Human Factor
    16 Rico the Robot
    17 Staying on Track
    18 The Human Condition
    19 The Messenger
    20 End Game

    hope you like

  • If anyone wants to watch PRM in it's entirety, they should watch Tensou Sentai Goseiger. At least whomever watches the sentai would get the full story for the series.
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    @zeorangerboy thanks for the episode guide. I got somethin too. Here's a trailer for Power Rangers Megaforce. It's got the voices of one of the villains, the voice of Gosei, and the theme song for Power Rangers Megaforce.
  • does anyone else think megaforce will be better than samurai. i do!
  • I DO! i read the bios n the black ranger is goin to have a crush on the yellow ranger.. land rangers and its obvious to say the air element rangers red n pink rangers are going to have alittle romance goin on...:))♥ im pretty 100% sure!!
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    A Red-Pink Romance and a Blck-Yellow Romance? Excellent! I just love seeing Rangers fall in love.
    I cannot wait to see the opening for Power Rangers Megaforce. From what I heard in the trailer, it's gonna sound like the Samurai/Super Samurai theme, but with a few changes.
    Does anyone besides me think that the music from 0:12-0:30 in the video below would be excellent for the final minutes or seconds before Power Rangers Megaforce debuts on TV, the Megaforce Rangers' first battle, and final battle?

    BTW I'm glad that I made the 300th comment here.
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    can not wait for megeforce
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