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Power Rangers Super Megaforce discussion (recent news, opinions, photos, etc)

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There's been a lot of talk about the upcoming 21st season of Power Rangers....POWER RANGERS SUPER MEGAFORCE. The info is getting put everywhere, so it's a bit scattered. Here's a discussion where we can keep tabs on what we know about PRSM.

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  • Here's the latest post about PRSM

    Cameos in Power Rangers Super Megaforce

    Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger aired two years ago and immediately won the hearts of Super Sentai and Power Rangers fans with the fantastic usage of anniversary elements, past cameos, and Ranger Key transformations. Despite being an inactive Super Sentai fan, I have a deep appreciation for the ways that Gokaiger respected the past seasons. Power Rangers Megaforce is the 20th season of Power Rangers with Power Rangers Super Megaforce being the 21st. The combined seasons were created to celebrate the 20 years of Power Rangers with appropriate homage to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in Power Rangers Megaforce. Power Rangers Super Megaforce is expected to follow the tradition of promoting the past 20 seasons of Power Rangers.

    The return of past cast members is one of the most popular anniversary concepts for next year. Last week, I asked fans on RangerCrew on what they considered more important: Cameos or Story. The obvious answer was both but most fans prefer cameos with the expectation that Power Rangers will always have a below par storyline. As much as I would love a healthy dose of story, past cameos, and great respect for the past seasons, it’s tough to tell how successful Power Rangers Super Megaforce will be in the limited 20 episodes.

    The casting team has reached out to cast members at Power Morphicon and the past few months to make an appearance in Power Rangers Super Megaforce. There is no confirmation on whether they will have Gokaiger-like cameo roles or if they are chosen to be a group of past cast members in the background. They have reached out to most of the original Saban-era cast members. One of the cast members (not listed below) informed me that she turned down the opportunity due to the last minute contact and family obligations. Other cast members (not listed below) have confirmed their roles and keeping the role on the downlow until they are given permission to release the information. The expected film date for the cast members is May 25th and 26th (Invitation Email). Several (not all) of the Disney-season cast members have also been approached.

    The production team has started to reach out to the cast members to uninvite them for the anniversary due to the limited budget. They had only allocated enough budget for a set number of cast members.

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    here are some photos thanks to ranger crew blog for the photos









    Add More Photos Tommorrow
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    hopefully super megaforce better that megaforce
  • @zeorangerboy, it will better if Saban can actually get any of the past Ranger actors to come. He has sent invitations, then pulled them back. Some actors were asked to work for little pay.
  • well 10 former rangers have confirmed that they are returning here is the list

    Jason David Frank
    Danny Slavin
    Melody Perkins
    Reggie Rolle
    Selwyn Ward
    Sean Johnson
    Hector David Jr
    Brittany Pirtle
    Jason Faunt
    Najee De-Tiege

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  • @zeorangerboy you forgot Jason Smith aka Casey from Jungle Fury
  • well jason smith will have his own tribute episode and he is also writing some episodes so what do you think about that
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    There's some Super news about Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

    And here is the official Power Rangers Super Megaforce poster.
  • The poster looks epic! I cannot wait to Super Megaforce comes out.
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    @harsh @GoldenTurbo Here's the discussion to keep you up-to-date on the upcoming Power Rangers Super Megaforce
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    Ok people. Here is a link to the page that will give us many ideas of what to expect in the upcoming Power Rangers Super Megaforce

    Also, here's a vid of Power Rangers Super Megaforce morphing into MMPR-PRM. It's fanmade and uses Sentai footage and Power Rangers music and voices. It will serve as the marker for the comment where the most informative link is placed.
  • WIth all of these teasers, I am getting more and more excited for Super Megaforce!
  • @Yanman10 trust me. There's more to come
  • @PRThunder Oh I know! I really want to see how they are going to change from the MEgaforce suits to Super Megaforce.
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    An image has been posted of Power Rangers Megaforce with their Super Megaforce Morphers. Here it is

    And here's a pic of Super Megaforce that belongs with the other pic
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