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Power Rangers Megaforce: Official Discussion



  • Guys we may have a problem regarding Super Megaforce. Saban is struggling to get previous rangers to act for past rangers in Super Megaforce. The articles below are about three previous rangers which are Rhett fisher (who was the Titanium Ranger), Steve Cardenas (a.k.a Rocky in MMPR) and Karan Ashley (a.k.a Aisha).

    Here are supporting about each actor and the reason why they have not accepted the offer to return back to PR (thanks to Jefusion).

    Rhett Fisher -

    Steve Cardenas -

    Karan Ashley -

    So what do you think about this? If Saban seem to have a low budget according to these sources stops these rangers from happening, how will it affect the outcome for Super Megaforce?
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    Fisher got invited to do a cameo in Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, but after a week, Saban took back their word due to budget restrictions?

    Steve Cardenas known for his role as Rocky of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers recently revealed in a Facebook response that he turned down the offer to make an appearance in the coming episodes of Power Rangers Super Megaforce?

    Karan Ashley, also known as Aisha, the second Yellow Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, was invited to make an appearance in the upcoming episodes of Power Rangers Super Megaforce, but she turned it down?

    We wanna see the past Power Rangers, but Saban cannot get enough cash to get them back?! That's why you create highly popular events that get tons of cash. Is there any past Ranger that will make an appearance in Super Megaforce or not? It'll be disappointing not to see any past Rangers.
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    @PRThunder Well according to Megaforce Cast, we known that the samurai rangers will return for a couple of the ranger seasons. But I am concern and surprised about how Saban doesn't seem to have a budget restrictions especially for an anniversary season like this.
  • @Yanman10 I wouldn't worry too much about Steve and Karan declining invites and them taking back Rhett's invite.

    There could be reasons for it since I doubt they would get anyone back between Space and Wild Force unless they provide SAG rates.

    I'm just not judging things yet just based on the only current information we have.
    There's a whole bunch of other Rangers that haven't came out with whether they're returning or not.
  • Maybe thr saving money for a big movie! when saban return with a contract with nick they said thr going to stay with them till 2014 and a 3RD MOVIE was planned too. they might be planning to make the movie big like the mmpr movie!:) I just hope so
  • Hey guys. Check this out. A website with a lot of Power Cards.
  • power rangers megaforce episodes 10-22 airdates confirmed

    1 Mega Mission 2 / 2 / 2013
    2 He Blasted Me With Science 2 / 9 / 2013
    3 Going Viral 2 / 16 / 2013
    4 Stranger Ranger 2 / 23 / 2013
    5 United We Stand 3 / 2 / 2013
    6 Harmony and Dizchord 3 / 9 / 2013
    7 Who's Crying Now? 3 / 16 / 2013
    8 Robo Knight 3 / 30 / 2013
    9 Prince Takes Knight 4 / 6 / 2013
    10 Man and Machine 9 / 14 / 2013
    11 Ultra Power 9 / 21 / 2013
    12 Last Laugh 9 / 28 / 2013
    13 Dream Snatcher 10 / 5 / 2013
    14 Gosei Ultimate 10 / 12 / 2013
    15 The Human Factor 10 / 19 / 2013
    16 Rico the Robot 11 / 2 / 2013
    17 Staying on Track 11 / 9 / 2013
    18 The Human Condition 11 / 16 / 2013
    19 The Messenger 11 / 23 / 2013
    20 End Game 11 / 30 / 2013
    21 Halloween Special 10 / 26 / 2013
    22 The Robo Knight Before Christmas 12 / 7 / 2013

    Read more:
  • Are we certain those air dates are 100% confirmed and not just assumptions?
  • They're not confirmed at all. It's just assumption given that what IS confirmed is that "End Game" will air 11/30/13
  • At least that we can confirm that we still have to wait a long while before we can see the Power Rangers in action again
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    Maybe not that long since I doubt they want to go all the way until the end of the year.

    Also who confirmed "End Game" will be airing on November 30? If people are just assuming that because of the release of the Power Rangers Legacy DVD set then people shouldn't be assuming such things because of what happened last year.
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    RangerCrew confirmed "End Game"
    The final episode of Power Rangers Megaforce will air on November 30.
  • Does anyone besides me notice that the name "End Game" was used for 2 episodes from different seasons. It was used in Power Rangers RPM, and now it's being used in Power Rangers Megaforce.
  • I just saw the new episode today. And it was great. I'm glad Robo Knight accepted the fact that both he and the rangers share a common goal.
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    @vgiannel I think the villains are also making some progress too.
    Remember where we started out when we first met Malkor, Vrak, and Creepox?

    And let's not forget that the Toxic Mutants got a bit more interesting after their first appearance.

    There will more enemies for the Megaforce Rangers, but so far, things are looking good. And the villains are getting better and badder.
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