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Bioman a/u fic

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I started a bioman fic a while back here is what I have so far if anyone wants to check it out
sorry about the format this was uploaded from a word processor (not a computer)

A change in destiny

Ch 1:Goodbye Yellow..or not

It was a normal day almost for the Bioman team, “Morning Peebo,” said Shiro Red 1 as he went into the medical lab “How’s our patient this morning?”
“I feel great mr. Spock, can I go the enterprise needs me?” replied the dazed voice of Mika aka Yellow 4
“Obviously.”Shiro said sarcastically “Peebo keep her in the medical bay for the rest of the day, we’ll bring her up to speed on the training mission when she’s feeling better.”
“No don’t I can fire the phasers and fix the warp core no problem.”
“Mika you need to stay in bed, I’ll fill you in later.”
“Call captain Kirk he’ll let me out.”
“Peebo just keep her in bed till she feels better and her fever breaks.”
“I’m sure everything will be okay.” Peebo the robot said as he reassured Mika
“Right, everything will be okay.” Mika said as she drifted off to sleep
“Sleep well.” Shiro said as he went to gather the other three members of the bio team for training.
A few days later Mika woke up feeling better “What a weird dream I thought I was an ensign on the enterprise under captain Kirk.”
“Oh your awake,”said Hikaru also known as Pink five as she walked into the medical bay “and judging by your expression I see you’re fever broke.”
“Morning Hikaru, how long was I out for?”
“Your fever made you out of it for a couple days.”
“That long what did I miss?”
“Plenty,” Shiro said as he walked into the medical room “we need to have a team meeting you up for it?”
“I’m fine.”
“Good meet us in the control room.” A few minutes later all five members of the team which consisted of Hikaru,Mika,and Shiro as well as Shingo (Green 2) and Ryuuta (Blue 3). “Okay we need a plan,what to do about that anti particle gun Mason was using, Hikaru bring Mika up to speed.”
“What did you already try while I was out?” Mika asked
“We tried dodging it until the energy was spent the problem with that is we aren’t sure how much energy it has, especially after Shingo pulled that little stunt.”
“I thought it was a good idea at the time.”Shingo protested
“Shingo you nearly got yourself killed if Doctor Man hadn’t called him back him and Psygorn would have killed you.”
”Peebo any ideas?”
“I have one but it’s risky.”
“What is it?”
“I can try to upgrade your suits but I am not sure how well that would work.”
“We’re put that in the consideration pile for now.”(Beeb Beep) “Peebo what’s going on?”
“That’s the sensors, they are picking up a new bio signature, it’s nearby according to the sensors.”
“Can we add more team members there only seems to be enough for five people?”Ryuuta asked
“I have prepared for that,” Peebo said “When I came here five hundred years ago and scanned the five people I made duplicates just in case more then five people were found since some of the bloodlines might have spread out over the years.”
“Such as the case with Mika and her brother if he was here?”
“So we better go track this new person down then.” Mika said as she got up to leave
“Not so fast Mika,we are going in groups, you go with Hikaru, Ryuuta and Shingo go together and I’ll go with Peebo.”
“I hope this person is less stubborn to join then you were.” Shingo remarked
“Don’t start Shingo.”
“Shingo Mika knock it off, Peebo where is the bio signature coming from?”
“According to the readings it’s coming from the airport.”
“Then let’s head out.”
“Right” the group said as they went to their vehicles.

End of chapter 1

Next: Chapter 2

Chapter 2:enter new warrior Jun v2

A little while later the group arrived at the airport and went to look for the person containing the bio particles. “So Peebo said it was in this area?” asked Mika
“According to the scanners.” Hikaru said as the duo looked around
“So how do we narrow down the person there is an awful lot of people here it’s not exactly a slow day?”
“I guess we just keep looking and hope that he or she turns up.”
“Shiro any luck on your end?” Hikaru asked as she talked into her communicator
“Nothing yet,” Shiro said “keep an eye out the source seems to be near you two and be careful, Shiro out.”
“Oh that’s helpful.”Mika said Sarcastically as she noticed someone coming towards them
“Excuse us.” Hikaru said as her and Mika tried to walk past only to scream in pain when the person slashed her arm with a knife
“Hikaru,what’s going on?” Mika asked in worry as she stood protectively in front of Hikaru who was holding her bleeding wrist
“Watch out she has a knife.” Hikaru said
“What do you want?” Mika asked as she fell into a defensive stance
“You two destroyed for one.” said one of the two people as both people transformed into Farrah and Farrah Cat.
”Ah crap I knew this day was going too well.”



  • Nice, I loved Bioman! Peebo was my favorite!
  • is there anything you recommend I should change?
  • Nah, I just like the fact Yellow Four didn't die, lol. Though I'm used to the english names the english Bioman gave them.
  • is there anything you recommend I should change?
    nothing at all lol star track refrence ;)
  • ironically got that idea from a star trek the next generation fic that did a similar theme

    I know I asked this before but since jun won't be yellow 4 in this fic can someone recommend a different color to use instead.
  • purple! there has only been 1 so i would like to see that!
  • k if I ever get photoshop reinstalled on my computer (just got it back) i'll check to see how the suit will look with that color

    although there will be a bit of an incident in one of the later episodes (I think it was 17 the one with hikaru and the nurse) which caused mika and jun to briefly butt heads.
  • it was episode 15, i checked but that will be amazing!
  • K basically it happend because one of them chewed Hikaru out like in canon and the other one got mad after Hikaru ran off.
  • ahhh that will be cool i lov the part of the episode when hikaru played the bioman theme on the flute:3
  • there is going to be some other gags in this fic (i.e bathroom issues for one)
  • edited January 2012
    here is an example

    Shingo:hey whoever is in the bathroom are you done yet?

    Mika:I'm developing pictures use the other bathroom

    Shingo:Hikaru is in there and Shiro called next.
  • Mika: then go outside you can do that right?
    Shingo: yes but can you find a dirffrent room to develop pictures?
    Mika nope every other room is too bright! Just be a man and go outside!
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