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The Hobbit, three movies?

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It has been confirmed that Peter Jackson will be directing not, one, or two, but three Hobbit movies!
The first two have been announced names and release dates below:
An Unexpected Journey December 14th, 2012
There and Back Again; December 13th 2013
Untitled 3rd The Hobbit movie.

Post thoughts and discussions on the movies here. what are you most excited about the hobbit movies?


  • No, that's horrible. Lord of the Ring had to be split, because it was too long. The Hobbit is shorter then To Kill a Mockingbird. But knowing Peter Jackson, he'll do a good job.
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    The lord of the rings were three books, so there was three movies. The hobbit if they made it into one movie would be well over 5 hours long I bet. It took me forever to read that book and i normally finish a book within half a week. And you're right, I'm sure Peter Jackson knows what he's doing and will make it worth it!!
  • Nope, Lord of the Rings were 1 book. Tolkien had to split it to 3 books due to publisher demands. And The Hobbit's word count is 95,022, compared to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which is 168,923.
  • zyusouken is right: Lord of the Rings was one book, but had to be split into three. It blew my mind when I figured that out.
  • Oh, I never knew that. I always thought they were three books! But they were well done and the movies were awesome too. I am sure Peter Jackson knows what he is doing and will make all three The Hobbit movies fantastic!
  • I wonder if they'll do what they did in LOTR and film all three Hobbit movies at one time.
  • Looks like the first two are already done from what I've seen online.
  • actually it turns out the hobbit is still 2 films from the book but the third is meant to be his own work to bridge the gap better so its another trilogy, personally the silillarian if thats how you spell it should have been done so we can see the original war itself
  • I almost think it would be more interesting to see the silmarillion made into a movie. There's definitely a lot more leeway to work with, without disappointing fans of the book, since the stories there aren't as fleshed out.
  • agreed but it may even get made and turned into 3 films like the hobbit at this rate as the production company of the hobbit want 3 films so its a second trilogy
  • Never knew that Lord of the Rings was just one whole book and had to be split into 3. Learn something new everyday lol

    Anyways...I have seen the first Hobbit movie. Looking forward to seeing the 2nd one.

    By the way, its me ForeverBlue from RangerCrew & RangerVision (RangerTalk).
  • actually lord of the rings was one book split into 3 which each had 3 parts to it so in actual fact lord of the rings is like 9 books
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