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Power Rangers +

edited December 2011 in General Discussion
you know since we got the Power rangers in Space and Ninja turtles special 13 years ago do you thin we'll get another like that ? i doubt it but if i could which other show to have in the same episode as Samurai it have to be the young justice team or thundercats for me


  • Well, since it looks like Saban is going to bring Masked Rider back. There's probably going to be a crossover between them. Depends how lazy the writers are. I doubt any other shows will intertwine with PR though.
  • It would've been cool if they did a VR Troopers crossover when the show existed, but I guess it all just depends what other shows Saban does and if they feel like it
  • I would've loved to see a VR Troopers cross over as well. I loved PR/TMNT as a kid and would love to see them do something like that now
  • Remember PR can only crossover with other live action Saban shows... and right now, there aren't any.
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