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Zeoranger Boys Funeral

hi power ranger planet once again thanks for all your support following the passing of my brother zeorangerboy i just fought i would let you know that it is his funeral this Saturday so if you would like to live any other messages will we be grateful i was also thinking about opening my own account in honor of my late brother but after trying i realized i need a invitation code could some one help me get one thanks again for all your support from Roy Chapman


  • I would like to attend his funeral, even though I don't know him that well.
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    I think I can speak for many fans here when I say "We would like to attend his funeral"
    As for getting an invitation code, I suggest you message @PowerRangerPlanet. Just click on his name here to get to his personal page. There you can message him about letting you join.
    It's too bad zeorangerboy will never get to see how Power Rangers will end. He was a big fan.
  • I don't think it would be right for me to leave a message, only because I didn't know him very well, but from the few times that I did speak with him, he was a very nice guy, and will forever be in my heart.

    As for the invitation, I closed down the registrations for now, but i'm going to open them back up, either tonight or tomorrow.
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