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Super Sentai cancellation? - Power Rangers future?

I recently discovered that while Power Rangers has been having some unfortunate luck and negative reviews in the past 8 years, Super Sentai hasn't been doing so well either. Super Sentai is the primary source material for the morphinominal Power Rangers. It seems that Super Sentai's ratings have been dropping in recent years. Supposedly, the current Super Sentai season (Ryuusouger), is considered to be Super Sentai's final chance to redeem the series and if it fails, Super Sentai will finally meet it's end after over 40 years on air. With that, we gotta ask: If Super Sentai gets cancelled, then what happens to the Power Rangers?


  • Honestly, this is something I've always wanted to see done with the show. I'd love to see them make an entire series, with all new footage, rather than using super sentai. Of course, I'd hate to see super sentai get cancelled, but they've been on the air for this long, and definitely have a following, so I wouldn't be surprised if another network picked it up, almost immediately.

    As for PR's chances alone; I think they are fine. Hasbro has a lot of money, and they are just getting started. They have a lot of plans for the future, and I'm sure they won't let the show die.

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