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Power Rangers Dino Fury (Viewable Episodes)

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Welcome to another season of the Hasbo era Power Rangers. Hasbro did good the last two years, so let's see what happens with seasons 28 and 29 (assuming we get a season 29). Also, we'll see what Hasbro does with Power Rangers after the rumored separation from Toei. In the meantime, let's enjoy the 4th dino-powered entry in the Power Rangers franchise. Jurassic beasts, dinos unleashed!!!

An evil mysterious, and power-hungry warrior called Void Knight comes to Earth and unleashes an ancient, destruction-craving alien evil called Sporix on the Earth. With the threat of the newest villain seeking power and an army of planet-destroying monsters, a knight from an alien world and two human teens join forces to save their world and the universe from total devastation as the newest dino-powered Ranger teams, Power Rangers Dino Fury

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1 Destination Dinohenge
2 Sporix Unleashed
3 Lost Signal
4 New Recruits
5 Winning Attitude
6 Superstition Strikes
7 Stego Search
8 Unexpected Guest
9 Cut Off
10 Phoning Home
11 McScary Manor
12 Super Hotshot
13 The Matchmaker
14 Old Foes
15 Storm Surge
16 Ancient History
17 Our Hero
18 Crossed Wires
19 The Makeover
20 Waking Nightmares
21 Void Trap
22 Secret Santa

(season 2)

Dino Fury preview


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    A year ago, we were given a preview of the 2nd season Power Rangers Beast Morphers... and a small sneak peak at Dino Fury

    Then a few months ago, we got a better peak at Dino Fury

    Now, a small introduction to the characters and characteristics of Power Rangers Dino Fury, before they arrive on February 20, 2021.
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    And now, a new trailer is dropped...

    Who's ready for the next dino-powered team to save the universe?
    <img src="" />
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    Ok. As of Feb 10, 2021, word is that Dino Fury will have a season 2, like the seasons for the past 10 years (Samurai to Beast Morphers). It's amazing though that that's already been announced when season 1 of Dino Fury hasn't even started yet. Plus there's news that season 1 will have 44 episodes.
    Well, all truths will be revealed in time. This is good news with hope though.

    10 days till the new season airs.
  • A youtuber named "MixDJBlackRanger21" is apparently hosting a live stream of Dino Fury's preview. Catch it if you want to join in on the experience if you don't have nickelodeon.
  • Tomorrow, the dino rise again, with Power Rangers Dino Fury.
    Live stream of the premiere episode by MixDJBlackRanger21 tomorrow
  • Ok. Dino Fury has just begun and I like how we're starting out. I have a good feeling about this season.

    Just found an interview with the first five Dino Fury Rangers, though the series is starting off with just 3.
  • When an army of powerful alien beings are unleashed on Earth, threatening life as we know it, a brand-new team of Power Rangers, fueled by the pre-historic power of the dinosaurs, are recruited to deal with the threat.

    Power Rangers Dino Fury, episode 1 "Destination Dinohenge" is now available.
  • Power Rangers Dino Fury, episode 2 "Sporix Unleashed" is now available.
    The dino furious adventures continue, and is pretty cool so far.
  • Power Rangers Dino Fury, episode 3 "Lost Signal" is now available.
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    Power Rangers Dino Fury episode 4 "New Recruits" is now available.
    New guys around make this so much more fun.

    Found this image of a fun fact regarding Draknarok.
    <img width="500" SRC="" />
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    Power Rangers Dino Fury episode 5 "Winning Attitude" is now available.
    I am glad that this episode brought attention to intellectual disabilities, the fact that they can's stop a person from doing great things, the Special Olympics event, and the importance of sportsmanship.

    So, the hotline for Power Rangers Dino Fury is 555-0172 (guess it was smart for producers not to add an area code. That would've caused an heck of an event in real life)
    1: I wonder if that could be a reference to something.
    2: I wonder who picks up if you call that number in real life with different area codes.
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    Power Rangers Dino Fury episode 6 "Superstition Strikes" is now available.
    So a Ranger is dealing with bad luck. I'm just glad this season isn't. This season is so fun.

    Anyone besides me know that every time Ollie dismisses Amelia's beliefs in the supernatural and paranormal, he is technically wrong considering he exists in the world of Power Rangers where "anything is possible"?
    He tells her there's no such thing as ghosts, yet some Ranger teams have encountered ghosts, some of which engaged in combat against them.
    Everyone kept trying to tell Amelia that bad luck is just a superstitious belief in her mind, yet I recall a time a Ranger was cursed with bad luck that nearly got him killed. Granted Amelia certainly faced nothing on that grand a scale.
    Oh the look Ollie would have on his face if he knew what other Rangers have dealt with.
  • Power Rangers Dino Fury episode 7 "Stego Search" is now available.
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    Power Rangers Dino Fury episode 8 "Unexpected Guest" is now available.
    A guest is not the only thing unexpected in this episode. This episode has quite a few morphinominal surprises in store.

    Looks its hiatus time once again. See you all again once we get to September or October, as usual.
  • So, Dino Fury's second season is going to be exclusively on Netflix. For the first time ever, it seems new Power Rangers stuff won't be on TV.
    I wonder how that's going to play out.
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