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Why did Power Rangers Turbo suck! Ratings low... etc..



  • That might be true, but he was also kinda like Bulk and Skull in regards to the comic relief. That's got to count for something.
  • Some things I thought they could have done better was Bring Billy back as the blue ranger. And if Tommy and Cat wanted to leave, they should have replaced them with TJ and Ashley. Carlos and Cassie were kind of annoying. and kept Adam and Tanya.

    Also, they should have kept Zordon on and punk alpha should have never happened, that was just a terrible idea.

    and if Billy wanted to leave the show later on, when they did the power transfer, they could have replaced billy with justin.

    Who else agrees Billy should have been the blue Turbo ranger or Gold Zeo Ranger?
  • Disagree! I liked the idea of Jason coming back as the Gold Zeo Ranger, even if it was only temporarily. They should have given the Phantom Ranger more backstory.
  • I agree with @dekablue about the Phantom Ranger backstory issue.
  • I was really mad when they didn't make Billy the Gold Ranger...
    I honestly kind of wish they would have gotten someone new to be the gold ranger if billy couldn't be the gold ranger or just keep Trey as the gold ranger.
  • @Dubby the whole point of transferring the gold ranger powers to someone was so Trey could get his three identities unified again before he could use the gold ranger powers. I agree that they should have introduced a new character or somehow made Billy into the Gold Ranger. If Billy couldn't be the gold ranger, they could have used that one kid from the first power rangers as the gold ranger. Even though it wasn't stated in the movie, the kid kinda knew who the power rangers by the way that he was acting towards Tommy and crew at the end of the movie.
  • oh yeah, that might of worked cause he would have been young enough to be believable as a teenage super hero like they're suppose to be.
  • So you know who I am talking about, right?
  • @zeoranger5 how would that work though? They weren't in the same continuity. And yes, I'm sure a lot of us know of who you're talking about.
  • It might not have been the some continuity, but the producers of the series would have found a way to make it work if they had more. In fact, I have started writing something that includes the kid from the movie as well as most of the rangers. I won't post it until it's a finished piece.
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    I'm re watching Turbo right now. 9 episodes in, I don't really think it's terrible. the first few episodes seemed kind of childish and unnecessary, after that, they really started to focus on Character development and story detail a little better.

    the only thing I didn't like about the first 18 episodes is the fact that Devatox was way to easy for the Rangers, and every thing she did was predictable, I mean why would you let a team of super hero's go if they can stomp on anything that walks in there way.

    When the new Team took over it seemed like they always had trouble with Devatox and friends. I mean, where these replacement rangers really a good idea or should they have waited till In Space and made a whole new team?
  • 1: I liked that they had a kid as a Power Ranger in Turbo. When kids see a kid become a superhero, it can be quite inspiring. Justin wasn't a bad character. Besides, it was a nice touch. I would love to see another kid ranger on the show.
    2: I agree that there were some loose ends left untied at the end, though I hear that there are deleted scenes that would've tied up some of those loose ends. There were scenes that showed Phantom Ranger's true identity, Andros and Ashley kissing, etc.
    3: I think that one of the reasons Turbo didn't do so well was because the majority of Divatox's plans involved bombs. Almost every episode in the beginning had the evil plot of blowing something up.
    4: Billy as a Blue Turbo Ranger? While that's not a bad idea, I honestly wonder how that would work. I recall that Sentai's version of the Blue Turbo Ranger acted more like a youngster than a full-mature adult. The kid thing allowed some blending.
    5: I understand where you guys are coming from about Alpha 6. I wasn't a fan of the voice or personality either. Though I wasn't a big fan of that, at least it was something different. Anyone besides me think that changing Alpha 6's voice in PRIS was an attempt to take back the decision to make him punk-like? On another note, would anyone say he was useful in PRIS, PRLG, or PROO?
    6: I still wonder about the Demetria's sister thing.
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