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    @Dubby Keep in mind that Andros shattered the energy tube that Zordon was in that Dark Specter had placed him in. That is where the "good energy" from Zordon himself came from... that we refer to as the Z-Wave.
  • @MattEmily thanks for pointing it out. The point of this discussion is this: Wouldn't it be nice to see Zordon again after so many years since his great sacrifice for the universe?
  • @MattEmily, I didn't miss the first three episodes of PRT at all. Also Zordon was trapped in an energy tube sometime after going to Eltar, but it was never shown in the series how that happened at all. So really Zordon was never destroyed in the series at all, despite what everyone is saying about Countdown to Destruction pt.2
  • @zeoranger5 I'm not understanding what you just said.
  • @zeoranger5 It's clear that the energy tube had Zordon's physical presence inside of it whereas the plasma tubes in the Command Center/Power Chamber did not. Those plasma tubes were used as 'communication channels.' The Energy Tube wasn't because he was not shown within a tube in "The Passing of the Torch, Part 2" so yes, he's destroyed... whether you want to believe it or not is another matter entirely.
  • @MattEmily you need to watch that episode again because Zordon was in an energy tube.
  • @zeoranger5 No, he wasn't in the tube in "Passing of the Torch." I don't know what planet you're on but there's no tube there for him there. You're the one that needs to see the episode again because there is NO tube there. Just the usual place at the bottom of him and the cyclinders to the left and right of him but ABSOLUTELY and 100% zero tube is there.
  • @MattEmily I know what I saw in that episode and Zordon was in an energy tube.
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    He was definitely in a tube during PRIS. I have no idea what's the name of that thing Zordon was floating in from MMPR-PRT. Here are a few clips to help out
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
    Power Rangers Zeo
    Power Rangers Turbo
    Power Rangers in Space
  • Zordon was put in the tube in in space so dark specter could drain his energy better.
    Zordon was not in an energy tube during the Turbo power transfer.
    It just looked like his head was floating. Maybe a projection image? Who knows.
  • @Dubby Precisely. Since why would he need a tube on Eltar? He wouldn't. He had been freed from Rita's trap already.
    Also @PRThunder Zordon's tube during MMPR-Turbo wasn't ever referred to by name until the Turbo 2-part finale. Granted Elgar called it a plasma tube and we know he's not very smart but still... he can't always be that dumb. However we don't know if the Command Center tube would have had the same name or not due to the difference in their looks between the Command Center tube and the Power Chamber one.
  • I had no idea that we would get to an argument about Zordon's Tube/Cylinder/Pole/Whatever. I would like to see Zordon come back one more time for the Series finale to see how the Power Rangers legacy is doing or to offer advice on how to unite their powers to maybe create their own Z-Wave (we could call it the PR-Wave). Years ago I would have loved to see him walk on 2 legs, but now I wouls rather have him as a floating head in a cylinder. Just seeing him one more time would satisfy my long-time wish.
  • We did get to see him in a human-ish form in the Power Rangers movie after the command center was destroyed. Of course, he wasn't really able to walk at that point, since he was dying.
  • @DekaBlue yea but the first movie doesn't count since it was a different continuty due to the Rangers receiving their Ninjazords from Ninjor in the TV series. Not to mention the movie writer(s) didn't pay attention to detail otherwise they would have noticed that Zordon was not physically inside the tube while in the Command Center/Power Chamber, he was just using it as a transmission device.
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