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Questions about the Power Rangers TV show



  • Why didn't Tommy learn the truth about Mesogog and Zeltrax sooner?
  • @vgiannell5 to answer both questions.

    1. I think Tommy did kind of feel responsible, but never allowed that to distract himself from the mission or prevent him from understanding that evil villains like Mesogog do what they do, such as stealing the work of others.

    2. I believe it's because Tommy never saw what happened to Anton Mercer or Terrence "Smitty" Smith. Actually, nobody saw what happened to either of them. He didn't know Anton Mercer tested one of their experiments on himself and became Mesogog, plus neither personality was willing to tell the truth about the other's existence. In Tommy's experience, villains could come from anywhere and he had never encountered a two-beings-in-one-body scenario before. And Smitty was in an explosion. Usually people don't survive being in a big in-your-face explosion. Zeltrax mentioned that the explosion blew him to pieces. Some explosions don't leave much of you. With that being said, probably nobody found anything to suggest that Smitty survived, so he was written off as dead. Meanwhile Mesogog took him and put him back together as Zeltrax. So essentially, the lack of evidence of Anton being Mesogog and nothing to show that Smitty became Zeltrax is why Tommy didn't find out until Zeltrax revealed the truth and the Rangers saw Anton change in person.
  • Why did the A-Squad rangers betray S.P.D.?
  • @vgiannell5, the same reason we have so many bad businessmen, corrupt politicians, and criminals in real-life. The A-Squad were selfish beings who cared about themselves, power, and being on top. When Crueger asked said that the A-Squad has learned nothing from all the years of training, A-Squad Red replied "Everyone wants to be on the winning team", the "winning team" being Emperor Gruumm and the Troobian Empire, who promised A-Squad that they'd rule Earth alongside them.
    The A-Squad Rangers were corrupt people who didn't care about respect, honor, morality, and justice. It's unknown how long they served Gruumm, but their betrayal showed their true colors (no pun intended).
  • How did Rita Repulsa become the Mystic Mother?
  • Well, Rita Repulsa has always been a sorceress. If you remember, in MMPR, she had a lot of spells and potions at her disposal. She was turned pure good by Zordon's energy wave when he was destroyed. She had to have become Mystic Mother some time later. Her life between the end of PRIS and the end of PRMF is not known to us fans. All we know is that she became the Empress of all good magic after being turned to good, most likely by her own choice.
  • How did Sledge get his hands on the Energems before Keeper stole them?
  • I don't think Sledge ever got his hands on them prior to the seasons. Since Keeper is the keeper of the Energems, I imagine that he has held onto them since he became the keeper, with Sledge chasing him for them sometime later.
    My theory is that Lord Arcanon is old enough to know about the Energems (far older than Sledge) and he starts trying to get them, but couldn't find them or their keeper, just the Dark Energem. Then Arcanon hires Sledge to capture enough outlaws to make a powerful army and Sledge secretly find out about the Energems through Arcanon (without Arcanon knowing) and becomes greedy for power, therefore putting them in a competition to get all the Energems first. Sledge gets lucky in locating Keeper and begins pursuing him across the universe, which leads them to Earth during the dinosaur age. For a long time, Sledge is unlucky in getting the Energems, especially once getting to Earth.
  • How did Rita and Zedd's palace end up on the moon in the first place?
  • @vgiannell5
    The Moon Palace was built by good beings an incredibly long time ago, before the Zeo Crystal was hidden in the Caves of Deception below it. After that, Lord Zedd came and took over the palace, corrupting the good in it. Later on, eons prior to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' debut, Lord Zedd left Rita Repulsa in charge of carrying on his mission of universal conquest. He gave her power and the palace to use.

  • Why did the Machine Empire break away from the United Alliance of Evil in the first place?
  • @vgiannell5 as far as I know, that has never been answered. Most likely cause they wanted to rule the universe themselves. That's been what most villains have been doing. Always greedy for power and domination.
    How many times have we seen villains betray someone simply cause they wanted to rule the universe themselves? Most of the primary villains were out to rule the world or universe and other villains emerged or betrayed their bosses or partners for the same reason.
  • What are the differences between aliens, demons, mutants, and robots?
  • @vgiannell5
    Aliens: a plant or animal species originally introduced from another planet. Aliens are simply organic beings (like humans), but they are from places outside of planet Earth. A human would be the general title of a being from Earth, though the show did have humans from a planet called KO-35.
    Demons: evil spirits.
    Mutants: An organism possessing one or more genes that have undergone mutation. It doesn't matter what kind of being it is or where it's from. If it underwent a change down to the genetic level, it's a mutant. We've seen mutant aliens, mutant demons, mutant humans, etc, on Power Rangers. Ransik and his gang were mutants. They were created when samples of human DNA were exposed to an unusual substance that altered the DNA and made them what we saw. Ninja Storm's enemy Motodrone was a combination of organic and inorganic matter mixed together. His original body was human, but it was infused with metal that became organic. After the separation, his metal was still organic. The Toxic Mutants that Megaforce faced were a bit different. Toxic sludge from a nearby plant affected some organic material in the area which resulted in the creation of Bigs, Bluefur, and other mutants like them.
    Robots: a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer. The Machine Empire, General Havoc's robots, Astronema's Quantrons, Frax's Cyclobots and robots, Gruumm's Krybots, Broodwing's robots, Moltor's robots, The Fearcats' robots, the Venjix Virus's attack bots and Grinders, and Metal Alice and her creations are all examples of robots. Simply machines that were built and programmed. Not living creatures. They're more like your laptop or your TV, except designed to have characteristics.

    To put it simply: Aliens are living beings from other planets and worlds, demons are spirits that are pure evil, mutants are any organic being whose DNA and structure were altered either by nature or manipulation, robots are machines.
  • Did Mesogog turn Elsa into a cyborg the same way he did Zeltrax?
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