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Power Rangers Megaforce: Official Discussion



  • Or maybe they didn't need Gosei at the time. BTW if this is the plot for PRM season 1, then what is the plot for PRM season 2?
    no idea but we know it will involve Gokaiger in some way

    what i find annoying is if Gosei and Gokai will only get to use around 20 of the stories from their sentai series for the american counterparts. (not including specials) it would be such a let down, damn Nickoladeon
  • You've got some explaining to do, Gosei... Where were you when Earth was practically conquered during PRIS? I really want to see how they handle that issue. I hope it's not another alternate universe. Maybe he only intervenes when someone wants to destroy the Earth, not just conquer it. In other words, he cares about the planet, not the people. That would fit in with the plot of Goseiger also(GoseiKnight's character).
  • I guess we will have to wait and see
  • @PRThunder indeed but... @DekaBlue why does it really matter? There was no explanation with that for Ninja Storm, they had the Morphers for who knows how long but they were only brought out for Lothor.
  • That was wrong of them too, but they weren't mentored by a spirit that wants to protect the Earth.
  • Maybe we will get our answers when it arrives. From what I've heard, PRM may be better than PRS/PRSS. PRS/PRSS was done a bit poorly. The episodes were screwed up. There was not alotta originality. Even the character Master Xandred was done poorly. He didn't seem like a leader. He acted more like an evil warrior. The only time he showed that he means business is when he put those rocks together and used them to escape the Netherworld, but then it died when he dried up so quickly even though he's supposed to be a powerful Master. Serrator beat Xandred in the "powerful master" role. Xandred's anger was outta control and only created moogers. Serrator was powerful enough to blow a much of big and little Moogers to pieces with one blast. The Rangers got all those new forms, but they were all for piloting the zords. What a waste. PRS/PRSS didn't have enough Power Ranger spirit in it. At least the next season might bring forth all our expectations of Power Rangers. Who is ready for POWER RANGERS MEGAFORCE?
  • I saw some gokaiger footage in that promo
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    In a comment I made earlier I mentioned the Lost Galaxy (You can see it if you scroll up) Does anyone else wanna see more villains come from the Lost Galaxy? It would be a shame if Captain Mutiny was the only villain from there cause that place looks like it could have more villains. Does anybody want more Lost Galaxy villains?

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  • Anyone else notice they used a few seconds of a gokaiger zord battle in the megaforce promo? You have to really look at it but, you can make it out... The Gokai Galleons swords are a dead give-away!
  • I think there might be a Green Ranger in PRM. I was looking through some Goseiger stuff and found that they had a Gosei Green. They better bring him into PRM
  • @PRThunder Unfortunately Gosei Green was killed in Goseiger. So I doubt that they will bring him into PRM. Although he may be shown as a flashback
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    Maybe, but don't forget that they will make PRM original, so they might bring forth the Green Ranger and use him this season. They were successful with adding the Titanium Ranger into PRLR and the Spirit Rangers in PRJF. They don't kill Rangers like that. Any time a Ranger dies, they are brought back to life. I think we will be seeing Green Ranger in PRM. It would be like MMPR, but minus the Evil Green Ranger part.
  • U might be right theres rumors going around robo knight has no human form here in usa just like in goseiger but they might still cast for a new sixth ranger and could star on the second season! that that could be gosei green!
  • @iFresh that just might be it. I hope they use him. If they add the Green Ranger to the series, it will be like honoring MMPR. They started out with Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, and Pink like MMPR, then they got a Green Ranger. I hope PRM does too. Roboknight would be a bonus.
  • NOW THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!! i hope they do that!! thats going to be even more original they are going to have to add him a background personality... and im pretty sure that is gonna happen theres a HIGH POSSIBILITY BECAUSE... if you guys remember watching the magaforce trailer number 2 they showed the pirates gokaiger megazord.. they have a green ranger there with the color n everything so in megaforce they might end up using that megazord that making it to belong to gosei green on season 2 of megaforce!!! or they could use gokaiger green zords to belong to gosei green in megaforce now that makes sence now!!! the diff colors now of both teams are adding up im sure thats wat they planing to do
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