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Power Rangers Megaforce: Official Discussion



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    when does megafroce air in the uk
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    @zeorangerboy that is an excellent question. Does anyone know?
    BTW I can't wait for Megaforce to air either.
    POWER RANGERS MEGAFORCE is said to be an incredible season.

    Andrew Gray=Troy (RED), John Mark=Noah (BLUE), Azim Rizk=Jake (BLACK), Ciara Hanna=Gia (YELLOW), Christina Masterson=Emma (PINK)

    We will get a cool ally

    One day, we will get a sixth Ranger, but who will it be?
    image image image

    For more info, check out

    Here are 3 clips of the first episode "Mega Mission" DO NOT WATCH IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SPOIL IT FOR YOURSELF

    BTW when does POWER RANGERS MEGAFORCE air in the UK?
  • I'm so excited!!! 1 O'clock is right around the corner!!!
  • So, I think I will give this one a shot, intoduced my nephew to power rangers the other day, so I have an excuse to watch this one haha.

    I love all the references to Mighty Morphin. Season should be interesting if your a fan of the old school stuff.

    I havent made it to Goseiger yet, so I cant compare, but you shouldn't be comparing the two anyway.

    So far, looks good!
  • i have to say that megaforce so far is looking better than the shinkenger remake, i mean, samurai.
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    Just saw the episode today. And i liked it. I never thought Gosei was Zordon's apprentice years ago and sent to Earth to be it's guardian.

    I hope the next episode will have the rangers use their new megazords against monsters that grow.
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    Here's the opening for Power Rangers Megaforce

    We've come a long way from these

  • can't wait to get a link to be able to watch the first episode
  • @snoop86 I'm creating a discusson for that. It will be called "Power Rangers Megaforce (Viewable Episodes)"
  • The episode was awesome!!! So far it's a lot better than samurai was. I was half expecting the original Ernie to be the show considering they said Ernie's place....
  • Can't wait to see how it will continue
  • I heard that some fans want the Goseiger suits form Megaforce seasons 1 and 2, but some would rather have Gokaiger in season 2. My question is this: Would you fans prefer PRM season 2 to continue with Goseiger (Vid 1) or have Gokaiger suits (Vid 2)?

  • Is this discussion dead now that Power Rangers Megaforce is on TV or something?
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    THhrs a possibility they might use gokaiger suits in season 2 if they do it would make sense if they take off the gokaiger logo from the suit n helmet n add instead with each ranger tribe n goseiger logo to match the megaforce plot. keeping the pirates theme will no make sence in megaforce if feel like if they do they should coustimize the suits for U.S lil bit to make sence how the story is here... it will look something like this.....
  • @iFresh Is there meant to be a picture?
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