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Power Rangers Megaforce: Official Discussion



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    In my opinion, I just rather if they didn't use the Gokaiger suits at all for Super Megaforce because in Goseiger, they already have a "Super mode" so what is the point of using the Gokai suits. Plus, as you say @PRThunder, they should just introduce new or alternative rangers to fight in the Great Legend War.

    Also, @iFresh could you tell me where did you got the source from about Saban using the Gokaiger suits as a power up please?

    (P.S. This is my 200th Post!!!! Oh yeah :D)
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    Yanman10 Ok here you go..

    N I wonder if they roboknight is goin to come out in season 2.. if soo ithink gokai silver should come out early season 2 not mid season2 is gonna suck beign the least shown ranger in power rangers history the the last second season. samurai gold came out mid season 1 of samurai..

    Another thing if are they goin to use the ranger keys to morph to past rangers or use cards to morph? they prob will make the keys form to cards or something...
  • Okay thank you @iFresh for the source and yeah you have a point about when the silver ranger will be shown as if they they do later in season 2 then they will be no point in having in Super Megaforce. With regards to the ranger keys, I have some ideas in which they could use the keys. For example, they could modify their morphers to fit the key in like gokai silver morpher.


    They could also have a seperate device when they change to "Super Mode" and use the gokai morpher. But if could be something complete original and different so we have to wait and see.
  • @PRThunder the black & white images of the Red Samurai Ranger is because RangerCrew placed a block to prevent hotlinking its images.

    It's better for people to just simply use the link to the website or post where the image is located at or just simply the image location's URL.

    Also in regards to the Power-Up thing, I do like the idea of them using the Gokaiger as Power-Ups but it'd be weird with Jake morphing from a Black Ranger to a Green Ranger but it's probably the most logical choice they could have made if they want to use as much Gokaiger footage as possible.

    Yes, more original footage would be great in Super Megaforce but Power Rangers wouldn't be Power Rangers if they completely ditched most of the Japanese footage. I'd rather they use the money to create original Gokai Change fights and to get previous actors back over anything else.
  • i dont think the idea of using gokaiger as a power up would make a whole lot of sense to me. this makes me think that saban isnt planning to use the miracle headder power up from goseiger. it would defeat the purpose of the miracle headders.

    if gokaiger is being used in super megaforce here is how i would do it. this would be like what Yanman10 mentioned with alternative rangers. use the overall plot of gokaiger (looking for the grand powers from each team) and the sentai before zyuranger could be teams from different planets. another idea to go along with this is using parts of the sentai names as names for the planets. an example of this using Sun Vulcan would be the Sun Squad from Planet Taiyou. this would then lead into using the footage from the 199 heroes movie with megaforce and "pirate force" coming together to take down "Big Evil Bad Guy" who wants the grand powers for himself.

  • @PoisonLotus Perhaps they don't want to use teams that weren't in Power Rangers.

    In the case of Gokaiger, they probably thought using it as a power-up would be the better option to keep the Megaforce brand consistent with how they likely want to do things. Sure, it'd be odd with Jake morphing from a Black Megaforce Ranger to a Green Super Mode (Super Mode being an unofficial name) but considering the footage with him doing that anyway, I don't think it's that big of a deal.
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    @MattEmily I don't agree with you in regards to the use of super sentai teams in Megaforce as I think it will only just complicate PR especially for kids. But they must be many kids who have seen a previous PR seasons which had a green ranger in it, so Jake changing to GokaiGreen is not much of a deal as MattEmily said. I just interested on how are they going to set it all out (the super mode, the ranger keys etc...)
  • @Yanman10, @MattEmily, @PoisonLotus I think we should worry about how they are gonna make the season. Using the Gokai suits are being used to ensure that the Sentai footage can be used, but the question is how much originality and Sentai footage will be used. If it's done wrong, the whole season could go down in flames
  • @Yanman10 I don't think the use of the Sentai teams would complicate things except for the kids audience, I just think it makes more sense to just concentrate on the Power Rangers side of things to just focus on those teams since it's a Power Rangers anniversary, not a Sentai anniversary.

    @PRThunder very true... not to mention whether we'll be seeing any previous Rangers as well.
  • @MattEmily I've heard that we're supposed to see previous Rangers, but I hope that it won't be just because the Super Megaforce Rangers can turn into previous teams. That would destroy our hopes.
    Also, using Sentai suits could possibly be done. It was said that MMPR-PRM are "Earth"'s Rangers. Even Tommy mentioned that MMPR was Earth's first team. That means that there may be other teams in other galaxies or dimensions. After all, Power Rangers RPM existed in an alternate, apocalyptic dimension. Who says that the Sentai costumes can't be used to represent other Ranger teams from different planets, different dimensions, or different timelines?
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    @PRThunder yea, I hope we see the previous actual Ranger characters return, not just their powers.

    True with the Sentai teams but I just don't think it's worth the trouble especially with a season that only has 20 episodes. We're not even going to have enough episodes to tribute every team like Sentai did... and they have 35 teams whereas we just have... 18 teams. Of course in Sentai's case, the 35th is counting Gokaiger so it really should just be 34 teams they had to tribute whereas in Power Rangers' case, the 18th is counting Megaforce so really they would just have 17 teams to tribute.
  • @MattEmily the best way to celebrate all these years of Power Rangers is to have the Ultimate Final Battle consisting of every Power Rangers team in history
  • @PRThunder not everyone feels the same way. Some just might want the Power Rangers teams. Some might want all teams regardless of whether they were in Power Rangers or not. Power Rangers has to do what makes sense for it and what they believe will make sense for it and for its anniversary season.

    I have no issues with Sentai or its teams but you have to keep in mind that Gokaiger was their anniversary and Megaforce is our anniversary season. Toei did not do anything to celebrate Power Rangers' anniversary other than including nods to the series.
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    @MattEmily, when I said "every Power Rangers team in history" I meant just the Ranger teams we know, but still it would be cool to have hundreds of Rangers all in one place. Speaking of anniversary seasons, could Power Rangers Super Megaforce be the end of the Power Rangers? I heard that Saban was only continuing until 2014
  • @PRThunder Indeed, it'd be cool no matter if it's just Power Rangers or the Rangers and all previous Sentai teams.
    The thing I have to wonder is whether they'll include Blue Senturion and Sentinel Knight since they do have Ranger Keys and Gokaiger footage of both.

    I doubt Super Megaforce will be the end of Power Rangers. It's too much of a cash cow and he's a business man first. He's not going to end something unless it stops making him, Bandai and Toei money.
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