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  • And I thought Moogers were a silly name.
  • lol, not until you saw the loogies apparently... of course, foot soldiers never really had a cool name. haha
  • @vgiannell5 One guy said that when he heard the name "Moogers" he thought of milk shakes. lol.
    @Dubby In the Power Ranger's world, anything is possible, even silly bad guy names. Speaking of "anything is possible", I hope it's possible to bring Zordon back to life in PRM. The Rangers get to return, and many of the mentors are still alive, so I think it is fitting that Zordon gets revived
  • Well Zordon is Zordon, Master of all that is good. Technically he can never die, but he can be destroyed. So maybe they could figure out a way to bring him back. But it's highly unlikely and they'll probably have some other mentor. Heck, some rangers don't even have mentors, like In Space, Lost Galaxy, and Time Force. none of them had mentors, and they did just fine!
  • While Zordon is an amazing character and he is one of my favorite Mentors, I personally wouldn't want to see him back.
    Sure, others such as Alex and Kendrix return but I personally wouldn't want Zordon to return since it would IMO completely cheapen his self sacrifice.
  • What is with you guys? I'm pretty sure that "true" fans of Zordon would want him to be alive again. He deserves to be revived after all his hard work and his sacrafice
  • How would it cheapen his self sacrifice? That's like saying Jesus coming back to Earth one day would cheapen his self sacrifice -_-
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    @PRThunder Don't use that 'true fans' stuff. I'm as much of a fan of Zordon as anybody else but it would cheapen his sacrifice because of him just returning, just like that. He sacrificed himself to make sure the U.A.E. armies were no longer attacking.
    I understand how you feel but don't insult/offend me by implying I'm not a true fan just because I don't want the same thing that you do.

    Undoing his death is just the same as undoing the deaths of all of those villains that are now destroyed or in Divatox, Rita and Zedd's case, purified.

    Also it's not a sacrifice if you can just bring him back. Then the sacrifice was pretty much a waste. It's the same situation with Kendrix. She sacrificed herself to deal with the Savage Sword but it's no longer a sacrifice because she was brought back.

    What was the point of killing Zordon in the first place if you just bring him back? There would be no point at all other than for dramatic purposes.

    Not to mention I really do not like instances when they kill humanoid beings then bring them back especially when the killing is meant to be a honorable thing but then they decide to completely ruin it by bringing him/her back.
  • Bringing Kendrix back to life never undid anything she did prior to her death, there is no proof of that. As far as we know Cassie is still alive with her powers and the pink Psycho ranger is dead.
  • @Dubby I'm aware of that, my point is that bringing her back kind of makes her sacrifice moot. She's not dead anymore so it's not a 'sacrifice.'
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    I got no clue why you guys would want Zordon to remain dead. Who cares if bringing him back "cheapens" his sacrafice. The good guys are supposed to be rewarded. Kendrix's sacrifice was incredible, but I was so full of joy when she was revived. Her sacrifice still haunts me to this day, but I can breathe knowing she was brought back. Reviving a person doesn't "cheapen" a sacrifice. If in an episode, a person appears to have made a sacrifice, but revealing that the person never sacrificed himself/herself in another "cheapens" it. Bringing Zordon back won't undo the effects of the Z-Wave, it will just have Zordon alive again. What kind of people are you for wanting someone to stay dead just because his sacrifice was "big"? I'd rather have him alive than enjoy his sacrifice. Watch these videos a couple of time and tell me that the sacrifice of Kendrix doesn't cause your heart to twitch a bit. Then compare them to what happened with Alex in PRTF. He was supposedly destroyed in the 1st episode, but revealed that he never died. That's how a sacrifice is "cheapened"
  • Personally I didn't Like Alex. I always thought he was a bit of a douche. Plus they did a terrible job at re-writing is character back into the show, I wish they would have went into more detail on how he was revived or still alive.
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    @PRThunder You have your own feelings on it and I have mine. You think "oh, let's sacrifice everyone and it's fine if we just bring them back."

    Whereas I don't think like that. I keep on telling you that I'm a big fan of Zordon yet you don't seem to give a crap because I don't want him back. For some strange reason you believe fans aren't true fans unless they want what YOU want.

    I do believe bringing Zordon back would cheapen his sacrifice because killing him would have been basically pointless and a pointless need for drama if he could just return. The whole point of killing him as a sacrifice was to end a chapter. You bring him back, you might as well bring everyone of his rivals back because the chapter is still there.

    I understand that you want him back to see the current teams of Power Rangers but why? There's no need for him to see a team of Power Rangers that he can't help with.
    Give me a better reason for why you want him back other than "just because" or "just because you want him to see what his Power Rangers has become."

    @Dubby Yea, neither did I. I hated Alex but they should have went into more detail on how he survived. Granted, I hated him cheating death too since he was dead and then the next thing we know, boom, he's alive and not to mention, the leader of the whole Time Force Police Operation.
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    @MattEmily. The "True fans" thing was definitely a bad choice of words, but I just don't get why Zordon's sacrifice is the reason why you don't want him alive again. Who cares if it "cheapens" his sacrifice so long as he is still in the series, besides, if it did bring all the villains from the past back then I'm fine with that. It might become a great piece of the Power Rangers War. Perhaps Zordon's revival and the return of the past villains will be even more dramatic than Zordon's sacrifice Even without Zordon, the chapter continues through the Power Rangers. The whole show revolves around those "heroes with attitude" that have been around for 20 years. We are getting off topic here. If anyone wants to continue talking about Zordon, then let's take it to the discussion in the link.
    Now, let's resume our discussion of the soon-to-be newest Power Rangers team......
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    @PRThunder It's clear that you don't care but I actually do care. It's called a self sacrifice for a reason... because the said character is sacrificing himself or herself for good intentions and shouldn't return for any reason whatsoever even if it's for the 50th, 100th, 200th, 500th, 1,000th, etc. anniversary.

    But anyway you're right, we are getting off topic here with all this Zordon talk. I would however like it if MegaForce features some old villains provided they haven't been seen as getting hit by the Z-Wave.
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