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Power Rangers Super Samurai: Official Discussion



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    They don't usually acknowledge other Rangers until teamups so that's nothing new. The only reason it'll be ruined is because it's doubtful they'll spend the money to bring back previous cast.

    Also that's only Jonathan "Sentai snob" Tzachor who refuses to recognize the Disney-Kiwi seasons because he's still too bitter about Disney firing him and all of MMPR Productions. But it makes no difference what he wants. Remember he even wanted all of the Disney-Kiwi seasons off of the Power Rangers website and he didn't get his way there.
  • 2002 wildforce - forever red (10th anniversary)
    2007 operation overdrive - once a ranger (15th anniversary)
    2012 super samurai - ????? (20th anniversary)

    shut up already
  • Beckford, the 20th anniversary will be in 2013. They've halted casting for Goseiger (which will premiere (most likely) in 2013) due to the reason that they're working on material for the anniversary.

    Monday, Nov. 7, 2011, 12:56 PM Pacific
    Addendum to 10/3 8:53 PM, 9/27 11:37 AM

    POWER RANGERS (Memo from Iris Hampton)
    Non-Union Episodic

    Dear all agents who participated in the Power Ranger casting process,

    We want to express our sincere thanks to your clients who recently auditioned for Power Rangers’ 2013 season and provide you with a quick update. Since we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary season in 2013, we have decided to elevate the season’s creative to entirely new heights. This will require us to commence production in 2012 rather than 2011. We hope that the great talent we met during our recent auditions will still be available when we recommence casting and promise that you will be the first to know when that will occur. At this time, we plan to resume the casting process March to early April 2012.

    With kind regards and respect,

    Iris Hampton
    Power Ranger Casting Director

    MattEmily is right, you're wrong. Deal with it.
  • Nightmere10 shut the fuck up, nobody's talking to you
  • Nightmere10 shut the fuck up, nobody's talking to you
    Obviously, you are right now. I'm getting tired of the two of you arguing, and wanted to get the facts straight. Don't take you're anger out on me just because you're mad that you've been proven wrong.

  • go eat your KAKA... use your brains when i already stats the obvious... not by copying some shit you saw somewhere else
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    beckford, don't be rude. Never tell someone to shut up. and it doesn't matter what the previous seasons did.

    what matters is what the crew is saying now.

    whether you choose to believe it or not, that is precisely what Iris Hampton said, as NightMere clearly copied and pasted.

    what he copied and pasted is exactly what Iris Hampton POSTED. She's the CASTING DIRECTOR which means her word is as gospel as any crew member stating it. It's your problem if you refuse to believe it but this is my last post on the subject. I'm done with you refusing to believe the TRUTH.

    Truth is the truth and it's your problem if you can't understand that word.

    You can believe whatever lies and make-believe stuff you want to.
    You can continue to live in the past which you seem to love to do.

    Like I stated, what I and NightMere are telling you is the truth and that's my last comment on that subject or topic.
  • you not telling the truth cause you dont work with PR, you just copied shit rumors from website and paste it... so fuck off
  • wow. how did this go from a friendly conversation about super samurai to a hated one?
  • Power rangers Super Samurai synopsis

    Power Rangers Super Samurai powers-up with the Rangers continuing to wage their battle against the evil Master Xandred, who has now joined forces with a new super villain, the malevolent Serrator. The Samurai Rangers learn to harness the power of the legendary Black Box to form all new Megazord combinations and become Super Samurai!

    Through the power of the Black Box, the Samurai Rangers are able to tap into the power of their ancestors and unlock Shogun Mode to help protect humanity from the Netherworld's vile villains. The Black box also allows the Super Samurai to morph into Super Mega Mode inside the MegaZord cockpit, which enhances their powers to aid in the battle against super monsters. In addition, a new super weapon, the Bullzooka, will make its first appearance, harnessing some serious laser power to help in the battle to stop the evil Serrator.

    The new series reunites the Samurai Rangers in their quest to save the world from evil, including Jayden (Alex Heartman), the Red Ranger and the team's leader who harbors a secret; Antonio (Steven Skyler), the Gold Ranger who is the most outgoing and playful of the group and a computer genius; Mia (Erika Fong), the Pink Ranger who is the confident and caring "big sister" of the Rangers; Kevin (Najee De-Tiege), the Blue Ranger who is a great swordsman and fully embraces the code of the Samurai; Emily (Brittany Pirtle), the Yellow Ranger, who is the youngest and most optimistic of the group; and Mike (Hector David), the Green Ranger, who is a bit of a rebel and would rather be destroying video monsters than real ones.
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    Here's a promo if you want to take a look at it. It's posted via Saban's YouTube.

    Apparently the youtube video is automatically embedded in posts so I can't do anything about that.
  • Shogun Mode... That's Battlizer right? I have a feeling the Bull Zord will be used with the Battlizer, IF Shogun Mode is the battlizer.
  • promo looks sweet, can't wait!
  • I'm glad they added Serrator in this. I hope Dayu and Deker comes back to fight the one who made them as they are.
  • Harlen, yes, that's corrrect and you're probably right about the zord.

    vg, of course they're going to add Serrator to it. They don't have much of a choice due to footage reasons. Saban isn't like Disney, they're going to show basically anything new.
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