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Which PR Movie Did You Prefer?

edited November 2011 in General Discussion
I've heard many people say they like the first movie best for reasons and some people who like the second movie best for some reasons.

Personally, I like them both equally. I loved the ninja idea in the first movie and the suits looks awesome on screen. Not to mention the story line of having to go to a distant planet to get new powers was awesome. And I liked the second one because you really got to the see the character's personalities differ from each other more in both cases, and i loved how Kimberly and Jason were in it.

I wish we could see the deleted footage from the second movie though. What do you guys think?


  • I agree with you. I love both movies equally becuase they both have their pros and cons.
  • Cool. Not a lot of people like both movies like me.
  • yh I find that too. My friends who actually like the power rangers feel that they have to like one movie than the other, and quite a lot of the time they like the original movie better than the Turbo movie.
  • I loved the first movie of course. It is actually probably on my top 10 list of movies. But yeah, Turbo was also amazing, loved to see Jason and kim back. Just the whole feel of it was great. If i had to pick, I would go with MMPR, but Turbo is not far behind.
  • Yeah, PRP, same here. I remember the first movie more than the second whenever asked, but I remember renting the second movie all the time from my local movie place to watch it
  • I'd have to agree with you guys on that, the first movie is more memorable but I still think that the second one had some awesome parts. Funny thing acutally, the first movie was on tv a couple weeks ago
  • I think the first is most memorable though as the annoucement for that movie was a huge deal. The only thing i don't like about either movie now, though, is that it feels like just one long episode rather than a movie
  • edited November 2011
    Yh thats what me and my older brother say. Both movies run using the standard episode format the only real difference is that they have to go on a journey that is more dangerous than their usual battles in Angel Grove.
  • I liked the first one first. I saw it in a theater as a kid and loved it. I loved the added weapons in the beginning and enhancements to their powers. I was confused by Mordant. Also the command center bugged me back then. Now when I watch it.

    Rangers: Still awesome. I love the great costumes, enhanced powers. The ninja powers later were pretty cool too.

    Zords: Kick ass. Wish they would have had them in the show.

    Villains: Mordant still bugs me but I can accept it since it is an alternate universe. The rest are great. I love Ivan Ooze. Best Power Rangers villain ever.

    Story: The story is good and parts of it no longer bug me like they did as a kid since I know it is an alternate universe. My only complain, no follow up to this great story. Would have loved to have seen a crossover between the tv series universe and the movie universe.

    Also on another note. Knowing that Adam Park did all his own stunts in the movie just seems to add to the enjoyment for me. I miss the old days when we actually got to see cool fighting, morphed and non-morphed, that didn't rely on Wire-Fu.
  • The first Power Rangers could have been made a little bit better than it was because the zords looked like they were done with a computer graphics program and showed the wires that were inside the zords. The second Power Rangers movie was better because the zords didn't show the wires when they formed the megazord.
  • Well, yeah, the first zords WERE made of computer graphics. At the time, it was the most advanced thing they did so it was pretty cool. It actually doesn't bother me that much. I actually kind of prefer it to the toys they use for the zord fight footage anyway
  • Yh like what Nightmere10 said, the computer graphincs used to make the film were the latest thing in technology. Though there were times when the graphics looked a tad bit to fake but I can live with it cause I loved the movie, and @zeoranger5 if you think about when the movie was made then you realise that the wires showing was probably something that was hard for them to cover up.
  • Yeah, you can spot a lot of mistakes in the movie, like in the part where they're going against the dinosaur bones come to life, when it swings Tommy to the left, you can see a crew member on the far left of the screen. Yeah, it does look fake now, but when i was a kid, it didn't bother me
  • I know right, when I was a kid... well when I was younger, I used to love watching the movie, I always thought it was the coolest thing ever, and now when I go back to watch it I'm like wow they really messed that up, but regardless I still love it
  • Haha, when I watch it now, I just look back and notice things i never noticed before or laugh at things that weren't previously funny. They're both great movies. I just wish they didn't feel like long episodes
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