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Most Disappointing Power Rangers Season So Far



  • Um, yeah, that's the point. MMAR was a pretty horrible season and, while it did set things up for Zeo, I felt like it could've been done another way. I've seen MMAR all the way through, but it didn't like it
  • Did it have a japanese version?? cause in the power rangers the Alien Rangers weren't all that
  • Not sure. I never started watching Sentai until Samurai started
  • ohh i see.
  • Yeah, not a lot of people knew where they could watch Sentai
  • ohh right, well i know that ranger board has senti seasons posted for downloads, and theres another site but i cant remember the name of it.
  • PRP has a sentai site as well
  • oh yh i forgot about that... I think over the christmas holidays I might start watching senti. see if I like it now that i have a longer attention span
  • I like it, but i prefer PR to sentai only because it's what i grew up with
  • I try not to hate a series when it first comes out. I have tried really hard to like Samurai. But I can't. It is a drag just to make it through an episode. I have actually fallen behind on the episodes because of how much I can't stand it. Even with other series I have disliked, i was able to make it most of the way through the season before disliking it. I even made it through most of Operation Overdrive on it's initial run. Since Jungle Fury I looked forward to every new episode that was coming. I didn't miss any. Didn't miss any RPM either. I was excited and looking forward to the next episode. With Samurai I dred each episode that is to come more. Kinda funny considering how much I loved Shinkenger. lol
  • I made it all the way through OO before I stated that I disliked it, which was new considering I didn't even make it half way through Mystic Force to not like that one. What is it about Samurai you don't like? The one thing I mainly don't like about it, is how it's pretty much a copy/paste of Shinkenger. Other seasons may have done that as well, but Shinkenger was the first Sentai series I actually saw all the way through.
  • It it being copied. Copied is normal. But it is a cheap copy. It is like comparing an expensive piece of Jewelry and a cheap child's toy jewelry that comes out of one of those 25-50 cent toy machines.
  • I remember having been away from Power Rangers for a year or so after Time Force ended and then my sister was watching Ninja Storm when it was new and I just felt like it was a completely different show and refused to watch it. Still have never bothered with it
  • i got to say this the only season i cant stand is overdrive and spd because for one overdrive did not make any sense to me unlike the sentai counterpart then spd because of the whole acting was just that bad but sentai was not
    i start watchin super sentai when Boukgers were airing
  • i was most disappoinnted in mystic force.
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