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  • Hmm... It seems they don't intend to quit so easily. I'm sure there will be issues about this one as well.
  • It'd be wrong, in my opinion, to completely leave him out of the series. Bulk and Skull were INSEPERABLE up until Lost Galaxy. I prefer Skull, myself. But, I'm still ok with Spike. He's an ok fill-in.
  • I think we might not see SOPA/PIPA for a long time. Too many people have stood against it, and I'm very sure more people will come to do the same. As for MU, it looks to me that if they are able to get their servers back, they'd be court ordered to …
  • Alisha, I think you just helped inspire my second top 10. lol I'll have to get to work on it when I get my CPU replaced. Well I'm glad I could. Looking foward to the list As soon as my computer is fixed, I'll be right on it.
  • I can see Power Rangers continuing on for as long as Sentai does. But, I hope no one is too into the dreams of anything BEFORE Zyuranger becoming a season in PR. I really don't think that we'll see that happen. It's gonna make Gokaiger's transition …
  • Alisha, I think you just helped inspire my second top 10. lol I'll have to get to work on it when I get my CPU replaced.
  • You can't help but agree with what corey has to say. Two wrongs don't make a right. And, in this case, the Department of Justice had grounds to suspect and detain because of copyright law infringement. Whether or not the infringement was made by the…
  • I can't really come up with a list, but I've got to say that this has me thinking that what might contribute to making In Space so great is that for the first time the Rangers didn't really have a mentor. Maybe you could argue that Alpha filled that…
  • I liked Once a Ranger, but REALLY liked Forever Red. Having all the Red Rangers come back as an elite team to decimate an entire machine batallion. Now that's a good show!
  • Thanks, PRP. That means a lot. I'm hoping to make the next one a little better. There was SO MUCH MORE that I could have written, but there was just so little time to do it.
  • And there you have some of the best teachers in Power Rangers. I hope to do this a little more often, so let me know what you think. I know this one was a little rushed. Maybe even a little sloppy. The holiday season and a few other things going on …
  • Number 5: Daggeron from Mystic Force I have to admit I almost have a weakness for mentors that also serve as rangers. But, even with that aside, Daggeron still shows us that it’s possible to throw in a good mix of old and new tricks. He takes time …
  • Number 10: Spencer from Operation Overdrive This guy is probably one of the most overlooked. With Andrew Hartford being so busy with Operation Overdrive, Spencer was one of the biggest advisors to the rangers. He bent over backwards to do whatever …
  • I don't think Saban would really try that, though. There would be a lot of red tape to clear. Remember Clash of the Red Rangers in Samurai? They could barely include Scott, let alone have him de-morph. I think Saban might actually be bitter about Di…
  • I agree with you on that one. And they pretty much used it as a cop-out for the fight. I don't know how they used it in the Shinkenger Movie, but it just seemed like it didn't mean much at all for CotRR.